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STOP diabetes and liver disease… in 20 minutes a day

You know my favorite type of exercise? 

Exercising my right to NOT exercise! 

Good Lord, we’re working seniors to DEATH! 

Everyone’s telling you to join some gym… to get TORTURED by a personal trainer a couple of times a week…or walk a gazillion steps a day.  

And more often than not, folks end up overdoing it — or even getting hurt.  

Ol’ Jack isn’t in the workout warrior camp at all. But there is ONE type of exercise I do a few times a week — and you should, too.   

I’m talking about resistance training — you can use bands or move some weights around.  

However you do it, just do it.  

Resistance training is important for keeping your bones and muscles intact, so you don’t get feeble as you age.  

Once you lose your mobility, friend, death is often not far behind.  

But resistance training may help you stop liver disease… and even diabetes.  

A new Brazilian animal study found that resistance training led to reduced liver fat and improved blood sugar levels.  

In fact, liver fat levels reduced by as much as 30 percent.  

And as far as blood sugar control goes, resistance training is the gift that keeps on giving.  

Because as you build muscle and improve your metabolism, your blood sugar numbers will keep getting better and better.  

Listen, you don’t need to work out like a nutjob or run marathons to stay in shape as you get older.  

Just carve out 20-30 minutes for resistance training a few times a week — that’s it.  

If you haven’t lifted weights in a while, start with bands or smaller weights. The goal is to get your muscles working — not to injure yourself.  

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