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Attention guys! Keep those surgical robots AWAY from your junk

The first and last time I used the self-checkout machine in the supermarket, it tried to charge me $8 for a single apple. 

It took a cashier AND a manager to override it, so believe me when I tell you: If a machine can’t get the price of an apple right, I’m sure as heck not going to let one operate inside of my body. 

Yet that’s what’s happening right now as new robots take over common surgeries, promising to do a better job in less time with fewer complications. 

Well, friend, we’ve just got our first glimpse of what they can REALLY do. And let’s just say that they’ve got more in common with the checkout scanner that tried to overcharge me than the sleek and efficient machines of tomorrow that we all like to picture. 

New research exposes the ugly truth about robots for prostate surgery, revealing the ugly con beneath the slick marketing brochures used to promote the things. 

They’re being used to hoodwink unsuspecting patients into paying more for their surgeries – including operations they may not have even needed in the first place! 

See, hospitals know that more guys are rejecting surgery as word gets out that most prostate tumors are completely harmless. 

Why risk the double indignity of impotence and incontinence if you don’t have to? 

That no-treatment option is cutting into the bottom line for hospitals and surgeons alike, so they’re using robots to try to sell it, claiming that the machines can do a better job in less time and with a lower risk of ugly side effects. 

Since it’s supposedly safer and easier… and won’t hurt you “down there”… why not just have that tumor taken out so you don’t have to worry about it, right? 

But don’t be tempted by that sales pitch. 

According to the new study, the reality is that they don’t do the job any better than a human surgeon would. 

The new study finds that no matter what procedure guys choose – the human or the robot — nearly 1 in 3 battle embarrassing leaks, up to 1 in 4 suffer humiliating sex problems, more than 10 percent have painful “burning” when they pee (OUCH!), and about as many end. up with poop problems. 

When it comes down to it, it seems like more guys suffer from SOMETHING than get away clean – and that’s regardless of whether a human or a machine does the job. 

If you can avoid surgery, avoid it. Talk to a doc about the watchful waiting approach. 

And if you really do need surgery, it looks like machines still can’t beat the steady hand of an experienced HUMAN doctor. 

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