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[WARNING] The DEADLY weight loss surgery risk you’re NEVER warned about

When you or a loved one signs up for weight loss surgery, you’re made a lot of promises.  

You’re told that this will give you a new lease on life… that the pounds will just fall away, and everything will go back to normal.  

Well, excuse the pun, friend… but fat chance.  

In fact, that weight loss surgery may be a one-way ticket to an early grave!  

A recent study has found that people who undergo a particular type of gastric bypass surgery are 300 percent more likely to die of an alcohol- or drug-related problem.  

Your risk literally shoots through the roof!  

You see, gastric bypass surgery basically removes 95 percent of your stomach, eliminating a TON of the alcohol and drug receptors residing there. So you can’t process them like you used to.  

And, believe it or not, that’s only PART of the problem.  

Previous research has shown that lots of people who undergo weight-loss surgery go on to become alcoholics and drug addicts.  

It sounds crazy… but it’s true. 

People trade food addictions for other addictions.  

By the time someone needs weight loss surgery, they have an addictive personality and food addictions built up by YEARS of binge eating and bad habits.  

Do you think those just personality traits go away with the surgery, too? 

No way. People can’t eat much anymore… so they turn to other things.  

And their bodies just can’t handle it.  

Those looking into getting gastric bypass are promised that these procedures are “quick fixes.”  

Here’s the bad news: There is no such thing as a “quick fix” when it comes to your body. 

You need to get to the root of why you ended up needing such a drastic measure in the first place… otherwise, you fix nothing… you simply lost some weight and swapped your addiction. 

This is why I always implore people to try and lose the weight NATURALLY first… either through a ketogenic diet or some other form of low-carb… and if you need assistance or guidance, getting counseling is a terrific resource as well. 

Once you tackle what’s going on between the ears, then you’ll start to notice healthy changes physically. 

Don’t go for the quick fix… because, trust me, there’s no such thing.  

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