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“Banned” food keeps your arteries CLEAN as a whistle!

Nothing — I mean NOTHING — cheeses me off like when the mainstream “experts” try to bully us away from the things we love. 

They’ve convinced everyone to ditch REAL cheddar, Swiss, and mozzarella… and switch to the wet-cardboard low-fat substitutes. 

Well, new research shows how those hacks have low-fat processed “cheese product” where their brains should be. 

It PROVES once and for all that REAL cheese absolutely WON’T clog your arteries. 

Just the opposite. 

It can actually CUT your cholesterol and PROTECT you from the gummed-up pipes that can lead to heart attack and stroke! 

This wasn’t just some far-out laboratory experiment where cheese was shoved through fake arteries in a dish. It was a real-world test where 164 living, breathing (and overweight) human beings were given one of four diet options. 

Some got REAL cheese and LOTS of it: They ate more than a quarter of a pound of delicious full-fat Irish cheddar every day. 


A second group got nasty low-fat cheese and butter, while a third group had powders and supplements to mimic the nutrition inside cheese (but not the actual cheese). 

A fourth set of folks got no cheese of any kind. 

Who won? 

If you guessed the full-fat cheese eaters, you win the cheddar. 

They didn’t gain any weight at all over six weeks… and they didn’t see higher levels of cholesterol, either. 

Just the opposite: They saw both LDL and total cholesterol levels drop. And they had the biggest improvements of anyone… in any group… including the folks who had zero cheese. 

It’s as if the cheese swept through the arteries and cleared them right out! 

The reason? Dairy magic! 

Actually, it’s more like the “milk fat globule membrane magic,” but that’s not quite as catchy. 

The MGM, as it’s called, is a little wrapper that packages up dairy fats just perfectly for your body. It’s found in full-fat milks and cheeses… but not in low-fat cheese, butter, or cheesy protein powders. 

And clearly, it HELPS. 

This shouldn’t come as a big shocker. The first evidence of cheese goes back 7,500 years. For the following 7,450 years, it was considered both delicious and healthy. 

And we’re supposed to believe that it somehow became UNHEALTHY over the past halfcentury? 


It’s not just cheese, either. Mainstream advice on saturated fats has been flat-out wrong for decades, making no distinction between the junky fats in processed foods and the essential fats in real, whole foods like milk, meat, and cheese. 

Get back to basics and enjoy the real deal. As the new study shows so clearly, you’ll be better for it. 

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