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“Double milk” trick ERASES chemo side effects

From your money to your strength to your sanity, mainstream cancer “therapies” can STEAL absolutely everything that makes life worth living. 

And the WORST those life-sapping treatments has to be chemotherapy. 

In most cases, for most cancers, you DON’T need chemo. 

But if you do… or if you or a loved one end up getting treated with chemotherapy anyway… there are a few ways to FIGHT the toxic side effects and LIMIT its damage. 

As anyone who’s had chemo can tell you, this “therapy” can flat-out destroy your taste buds and erase your sense of smell. 

That might come in handy in hospitals, which smell like death and have “foods” that taste even worse. 

But back at home, the changes in taste and loss of smell can destroy your ability to enjoy a simple meal, making it difficult to stomach food even when you’re hungry. 

This contributes to the weight loss, muscle wasting and a dramatic drop in your quality of life. 

Now, the new study shows how to get that small-but-critical piece of your life back. 

The answer… is in MILK! 

A key protein in milk can RESTORE your taste buds and ENHANCE your sense of smell! 

It’s called lactoferrin, and the new study finds it triggers an immune response right inside your salivary glands, which helps them fight off chemo damage. 

That protects your taste buds and preserves your sense of smell at the same time. 

As a bonus, that same lactoferrin can protect bone, which can turn thin and brittle due to chemo. 

One way to get more lactoferrin is to turn your moo juice into what’s known as “double milk,” something many cancer patients already drink to get more fat, protein and calories. 

The recipe is pretty simple: Mix powdered milk into whole milk. 

Boom. Double milk! 

To get what you really need to fight chemo, however, don’t just drink milk (single or double). 

You can also find lactoferrin available as a supplement, something many cancer patients “in the know” already take. 

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