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Heads up! Your surgeon’s LOUSY attitude could KILL you

He’s barely looking at you… he keeps mumbling under his breath… and he looks like he’d rather be ANYWHERE else.  

You’re heading for the biggest operation of your life, and you’ve just met your surgeon for a consultation. 

And you can tell right away that he’s, well, a jackass.  

He must be some misunderstood genius, right? He’s probably really good at his job, right? 

Nope. Run, friend… FAST.  

Because that jerk could end up killing you.  

Science says so. 

A recent study has found that patients who are worked on by surgeons with a ton of coworker complaints were at increased risk for complications due to surgery. 

In short, if your surgeon has an attitude problem, that might spell trouble for your health.  

The study consisted of over 13,000 adult patients and over 200 surgeons between the years 2012 and 2016.  

The surgeons who had the worst outcomes had repeatedly been cited by their peers for “unprofessional conduct.”  

How does that translate into the operating room?  

These jerks were often found to engage in poor and unsafe surgical practices… failure to follow through on professional responsibilities (like signing verbal orders)… and lots more.  

When your surgeon is a flat-out jerk, it could lead to BIG trouble for you. The research found that patients were at-risk for specific complications, including pneumonia, wound infections, blood clots, kidney failure, stroke, and heart attack. 

So your horse’s arse surgeon can potentially KILL you.  

The study recommends that you ask your surgeon’s colleagues to get the skinny on his demeanor and track record.  

But, come on… who is going to do that? Just as I thought — nobody. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t take a crystal ball or anything like that to tell if your surgeon is a jerk.  

If your surgeon is rude, off-putting, or you don’t feel comfortable in any way, request a different surgeon.  

You’re not being paranoid. These jerks can be deadly… so speak up!  

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