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CURE your migraines… for less than a DOLLAR?!

I’m no math wiz, but I know one thing: If I could choose to pay $191 or 70 cents for something, the 70 cents option will win out every single time. 

But Big Pharma is banking on you doing just the opposite. 

If you suffer from devastating migraine headaches, they’re betting you’ll open your wallet for their expensive new cure. 

And they’re hoping like heck you never read this article to learn how you can get the same relief (and) then some for just 70 cents! 

The newest migraine treatment is an expensive drug called galcanezumab (aka Emgality) that gets injected just once a month at a cost of $6,900 a year. 

When you’re shelling out that kind of cash, you’d expect a life-changing, migraine-blocking miracle drug. 

But that’s NOT what this is! 

In studies of patients who had an average of 9.1 migraine days per month, the drug DID work. It cut the number of headache days almost in half, down by 4.7 days. 

That’s a difference of more than 4 pain-free days per months. 

Sounds good, but don’t reach for your credit card yet. 

The placebo was also pretty good, cutting the number of migraines by 2.8 days a month. 

That leaves an absolute benefit of just two days a month! 

If that were your only option, maybe you’d be tempted anyway. After all, each day with a headache is a day of misery. 

But it’s not your only option. 

Like I said, there’s one they hope you never hear about… and it’s so simple it’s going to sound absolutely bonkers. 

It’s a specially tinted lens called FL-41, or sunglasses with the kind of pink-purple hue you might see on a rock star. 

In one study, patients who averaged six days of migraines per month dropped down to just two when wearing the glasses. 

In another, migraine frequency and pain levels plunged by as much as 70 percent. 

You can find non-prescription FL-41 lenses for as little as $50. 

Let’s run some numbers: The drug promises two extra days of relief compared to the placebo. That’s 36 days a year for $6,900 – or $191 for each day of relief. 

The $50 glasses, on the other hand, should easily last at least two years. Four days of relief per month is 72 days total over those two years… or 70 cents for each day of relief. 

Sounds like we have a winner… and it’s the lenses. 

Along with getting a cheaper and more effective treatment, you’re getting a safe one, too. 

The only side effect? Well, people will stare at you. It’s not often you see someone looking at the world through rose-colored lenses, and that’s especially true these days 

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