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Big Pharma’s “Guinea Pig” Plan is KILLING Seniors [Shocking]

This is just plain ridiculous… and immoral… and greedy… and DEADLY.  

If you have a medicine cabinet full of drugs… if you feel like you’re scheduling your whole day around your pills… you’re not alone.   

A new study found that almost 36 percent of older American adults regularly take more than five different prescriptions… simultaneously!  

Now Big Pharma and some mainstream docs will tell you this is just something you have to deal with in old age.   

But that’s a flaming LIE… and there’s a LOT more to the story.  

One 80-year-old man learned that the hard way…  

We’re talking about a guy with no history of depression who tried to commit suicide three times in the span of months.  

So what was the problem? He was taking too many meds… and they were interacting with each other in terrible ways.  

This guy wasn’t crazy. He was OVER-MEDICATED!  

The fact is: Drug companies and governments literally have ZERO ideas on what can happen when medications are taken together. 

Big Pharma is not even required to study these problems. Everyone just sits around, waiting to see which side effects pop up… and you’re the guinea pig.  

On top of that, many seniors are wrongly medicated; for instance, anti-anxiety meds or sleeping pills–most of which are complete BS—can cause agitation, making seniors confused and nervous. 

So millions of seniors are being over-medicated… and, in lots of cases, the medications they are taking are counter-productive.  

We all need to start fighting back…  

Always remember that YOU are in control of your health; ask about any medication your doctor is trying to prescribe… ask if there are any healthy, natural alternatives to said medication… and ask when you can come OFF of the drug.  

As I’ve explained before, most medical professionals are being paid by drug manufacturers to peddle their pills like they’re candy, so don’t trust them with your health and life. 

You are always going to be your own best advocate.

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