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Don’t Fall for This Diet SCAM (Here’s What to Do Instead)

I’ve been telling you for YEARS that most diets are straight up nonsense.

Some are downright nuts.

But boy, oh boy, I just found one that literally takes the cake. This thing is nuttier than a toilet at a peanut festival.

And it’s about as dangerous for seniors as you can get.

It’s called the Military Diet… also known as the Army diet and the Navy diet.

This crash diet has claims that you can lose as much as 10 pounds within three days to a week… but only if you follow the diet EXACTLY.

Here are some of the basic (and absolutely CRAZY) rules:

Day One computes to 1066 calories, including some fruit, toast, and, surprisingly, ice cream.
Day Two has 1193 calories (but with less actual food consumed).
Day Three is the most constricting, clocking in at 762 calories total.

Odds are, some of you consume close to the three-day amount of 3021 calories on a daily basis…

And even if you don’t, let’s call this diet what it is…

It’s basically a starvation diet and a SCAM.

This ultra-low-calorie approach means your weight loss comes from mostly water and even some muscle (a BIG problem for seniors).

You’ll most definitely gain all of the weight back afterward and there’s almost no supporting research.

It may even wreak havoc on your blood sugar.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… why would our military develop such a crazy diet?
I mean, imagine really active soldiers trying to do their jobs on so few calories.

Well, the military says they definitely did NOT develop this diet (which would explain the weird inclusion of ice cream).

The attempt to link this diet to the military is part of the scam.

Skip the fad diets. Just eat a high-protein, low-carb diet and you’ll lose weight. ​

Simple as that. And a low-carb diet will help your blood sugar, too.

Why complicate something that’s made to be enjoyed? Eat healthy foods with the right macronutrient profile and you’re good to go!

I mean, if the military doesn’t even use the Military diet… why the heck would you?

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