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[WARNING] This Secret Food Ingredient Could DESTROY Your Immune System

I gotta say, this one doesn’t surprise ol’ Jack… not one bit.

I’m sure you’ve heard a million times that to stay healthy well into your later years, you should incorporate a diet chock full of natural foods–fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats…

And, of course, we should avoid the crappy stuff.

Case in point: It’s been found that a certain food additive makes it harder for you to fight off the flu and other illnesses.

A specific synthetic antioxidant–nicknamed tBHQ–used to prevent oils and fats in foods from oxidizing and deteriorating actually suppresses your immune system.

In short: Preservatives make you more susceptible to the flu.

This food additive is found in many frozen meats, crackers, and fried foods… you know, typical western diet foods.

Studies were conducted on mice concerning tBHQ and immune systems. Researchers discovered that mice exposed to tBHQ were prone to weakness in the fight against the influenza virus.

And while it doesn’t sound too bad–it’s only the flu–consider this: Almost 650,000 people died in the last two years as a result of respiratory conditions due to influenza infection.

When you get older, the flu is no joke… It MUST be taken seriously!

This additive could also prevent flu vaccines from working correctly (and they don’t always work great to begin with) or make you more likely to contract the virus in the first place.

Oh, and another thing: This isn’t just a flu issue. It suppresses your entire immune system. That spells trouble for you overall.

Technically speaking, helper and killer T cells–the bulk of your immune system–activated much more slowly in the study when the mice ate a tBHQ-enhanced diet. (Ergo, the virus took forever to clear up.)

By impairing your immune response, your body’s natural fighters won’t do their job… you’ll be a sitting duck for all kinds of diseases.

We DON’T want that.

Thankfully, the solution is simple: Stop eating so many processed foods.

Simple… but not easy.

It’s a tough task to say “No” to the tasty processed foods out there. But if it might end up killing you, maybe it’s time to scale back the frozen salami and Ritz crackers.

It’s your life. Protect it!

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