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CURE Your Leaky Bladder WITHOUT Drugs!

It’s a nightmare health problem because it hits you in two ways.

It’s CONSTANT, so it can wreck your life nearly every single day.

And it’s EMBARRASSING, so millionsof people suffer in silence, never asking a doctor for help.

That’s not even the worst of it.

When you FINALLY work up the nerve to tell your doc you’re battling the humiliation of a leaky bladder, he’ll say he has just the answer.

But it’s EXACTLY what you DON’T want!

In a moment, I’ll save you the time, trouble and humiliation with a quick fix for bladder control he doesn’t even know about.


Eventually, I predict, this could become the MAIN WAY for millions of Americans to patch their own leaky bladders – because it’s certainly far better than what those docs are pushing now.

It’s anold med with a new lease on life.

The FDA just approved a generic form of tolterodine (aka Detrol) that could soon become the cheapest option for millions of patients.

Because of that rock-bottom generic price, insurers will pressure docs to prescribe it… and of course, most of them will give in.  

But this drug belongs to a class of medication that has special risks aimed just as seniors.

Yes, the very folks the drug is aimed at… could face EXTRA RISKS for taking it.

You couldn’t come up with a worse solution if you tried!

It’s an anticholinergic drug, a class that includes meds for everything from sleep to allergies. The drugs “work” by blocking a certain chemical in the brain – and when you mess with those signals, you could pay the price: Anticholinergics have been linked to DEMENTIA in seniors!

And this is just ONE bad idea for bladder woes.

There are plenty of others. Docs are pushing everything from Botox to a new implantable “belt” that’s surgically strapped around your bladder.


But you don’t need ANY of that.

You just have to be willing to accept a horse’s… well… tail.

I’m half-kidding here. It’s called horsetail but it’s not literally off a horse, just a plant giventhe name because it looks like one.

 A 2017 study found horsetail combined with two other bladder-supporting natural therapies – three-leaf caper (a.k.a. Crataeva nurvala) and Lindera – cut the number of leaks in older women and completely CURED it for one in four patients.

You’ll find each available on its own, but the best formulas will have all three in one handy capsule. Neighing is optional.

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