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Don’t Fall for This Shoulder Surgery SCAM!

Few things are more aggravating than shoulder pain.

Sure, back pain is bad. And pain in the neck is… well… a pain in the neck.

But shoulder pain can take it to the next level, making it difficult or even impossible to carry out everyday tasks… and can even threaten your independence.

And it can even make you so miserable that if your doc orders up surgery, you might volunteer to help make the incisions yourself.

But don’t rush into that operating room just yet, my friend.

Because a SHOCKING new study shows that one of the most common operations for shoulder pain is about as effective as chanting your name backward three times on the night of a full moon.


It’s called decompression surgery, and it’s supposed to correct what’s known as an “impingement.” You know it better as “HOLY HECK THAT HURTS,” as your rotator cuff tendons get caught on the joint and pinched whenever you try to lift your arm.

The surgery scrapes off part of the joint, opening up a little wiggle room for those tendons to dance around without getting pinched.

On paper, it sure sounds like it should help.

Out in the real world, it’s another story.

Patients who had the surgery followed by some physiotherapy had the same levels of relief as folks who had a sham operation along with that same physiotherapy.

That was true six months later… and it was still true a full year after the operations.

Placebo effect? Benefits of therapy? Not even!

I was saving the best part for last: There was also a third group of patients who didn’t get a thing. Not the real surgery. Not the therapy. Nothing.

They got one checkup. That’s it.

These folks had almost the same level of improvement as everyone else.

Time might not heal all wounds, but it looks like it can work wonders when it comes to the shoulder!

Of course, this was over six to 12 months. When you’re in pain, you don’t want to wait six MINUTES for some relief.

But don’t worry. Old Jack’s got your back… or at least your shoulder.

The scalpel might not help much, but a bag of frozen peas sure will. No, don’t eat the things. Just put the bag on your shoulder a few times a day to put the freeze on the inflammation and ease the pain.

Need a little more help? Try Soothanol X2 from my friends and colleagues at Northstar Nutritionals. Just a couple of drops on a trouble spot is all it takes for quick and easy pain relief.

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