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REAL Hemorrhoid Relief WITHOUT Creams

It’s the most UNCOMFORTABLE truth in life… and it’s not about politics… religion… or your in-laws.

It’s about your BUTT!

Yeah, I said it. It’s time to talk about what’s tops when it comes to your bottom – becauselet’s face it, there’s a problem MILLIONS are suffering with and don’t know where to turn for help.


A new study finds Americans spend $770 million on doctor visits and prescriptions related to hemorrhoid care.

That’s already more than ALL the revenue at EVERY WHITE CASTLE in the country combined (and if you eat regularly at White Castle, you’ll probably be seeking care for hemorrhoids, too).

But that’s just a drop in the bucket.

I mean, sure, you can and should talk to your doctor about this or even see a butt specialist, especially if your hemorrhoids are large, frequent and don’t get better.

But for the occasional battle with discomfort “down there,” most folks would rather not tell ANYONE about it.

So that $770 million is just a fraction of what Americans spend on relief.

Throw in the over-the-counter stuff… all the gooey and uncomfortable ointments, medicated wipes, witch hazel, and Preparation H, not to mention donut cushions and seat covers and everything else… and we’re talking about an industry worth BILLIONS.

And the sad reality is that most of those treatments don’t do a whole lot for your… er… well. You know where.

That stuff just delivers some temporary relief, at best, then it’s back to squirming.

Yes, for all that money… for the BILLIONS flushed away on doctor visits, prescription meds, andover-the-counter creams and wipes… people are still suffering.

But there’s another way.

TWO of them, in fact.

#1: Butcher’s Broom

I promiseit’s real. This all-natural circulation booster can help restore blood vessels,making it great for varicose veins and hemorrhoids. In one survey, 75 percent of docs called it either “good” or “excellent” for hemorrhoids.

If you’re on blood thinners, speak to a doc before trying it; they don’t always mix.

#2: Blackstrap Molasses

Some people swear by this stuff. Just a couple of teaspoons a day can deliver relief from your ’roids or stop them from returning if you’re prone.

Blackstrap molasses has been boiled until more of the sucrose is gone, making it a little lower in sugar (but it’s still sugar so don’t go too crazy). And to be clear, you swallow this stuff or add it to your coffee or whatever, don’t try rubbing it anywhere.

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