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The DEADLY Risk of Frailty (And how to REVERSE it)

No matter what happens to you, they’ll blame your age.

Getting sick? It’s because your tired old immune system is getting weaker.

Cancer? Count your blessings! People didn’t use to live long enough to die of cancer!

Dementia? Parkinson’s? Heart disease? You’re just old, old, OLD!

And of course,there’s number one on the list: Frailty.

Watch yourself, old-timer. You’re getting weak – and there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

Makes you want to pop ’em right in the mouth!

Except you can’t. They’re right about one thing: You ARE getting weaker.

But they’re wrong about the other.

It’s not your age.

It’s something else – and I’ll tell you exactly how to fix it in a moment. You’ll love it, I promisebecause it flies right in the face of mainstream advice about keeping strong.

No salad diets. No painful exercise. Just quick results – results you’ll want, as new research reveals it’s more than just strength and energy on the line.

Your very life is at stake!

The new study finds that frail patients admitted for emergency surgery are:

  • More likely to stay longer
  • More likely to be readmitted
  • More likely to die

Every “step” up the frailty scale increases the risk of death within 90 days by a stunning 80 percent!

Here’s the most infuriating part of this: The mainstream treats this as a “what can you do?” situation.

But frailty isn’t something that just “happened” to you. It’s not the inevitable result of age. And it’s not bad luck.

THEY did this to YOU!

It’s your meds – but it’s generally not a matter of one bad med making you feel lousy (although it certainly can be). It’s often the effects of multiple meds, adding up and combining to do a number on you.

It’s even has a name: polypharmacy.

Some 40 percent of American seniors take at least 5 meds a day – and a 2017 study found that amount will up your odds of frailty by 50 percent.

And taking 10 or more will DOUBLE that risk!

Odds are, you DON’T need all those meds. I can practically guarantee it. Many folks swallowing fistfuls of pills are taking drugs they stopped needing, never needed in the first place or just plain can live without.

Here’s what you do: Schedule a “brown bag” appointment with a pharmacist or someone who specializes in geriatric medicine. That’s when you bring EVERYTHING you’re taking in a brown bag and go over each med, one at a time, to see what can be skipped.

In many cases, they find multiple meds you don’t need. And if you work with a naturopathic physician, you can replace much of what’s left with all-natural options.


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