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[Alert] Your Drinking Water is Poisonous!

Not every poisoning happens like it does in the movies. You don’t take a drink, feel dizzy and then hit the floor.

Millions of Americans are being poisoned… right now… and they have NO IDEA it’s even happening.

This SLOW POISONING is quite possibly the nation’s BIGGEST unknown health crisis.

And it starts with a glass of water!

A new report finds that tens of millions of Americans across nearly a dozen states are right now drinking water overflowing with the chemical residue of old mining operations.

The analysis by the Associated Press finds that some 50 million gallons of contaminated water makes its way out of these old mines and into the groundwater, bringing with it lead, arsenic and other contaminants.

And people are DRINKING it!

Sure, it’s treated.


But in reality, most U.S. water treatment facilities can barely keep up – and as a result, even AFTER “treatment,” trace amounts of toxins, metals and other sludge end up in the water.

This SLOW POISONING can lead to nerve damagecancer… heart diseaseAlzheimer’sParkinson’sand more.

Think that’s bad?

It IS.

But that ain’t the worst of it!

That’s just ONE source of water contamination, and it may not even be the biggest. Just about every U.S. reservoir is a cesspool of toxic sludge.

See, here’s the problem: Water officials test for dozens of common regulated contaminants… but there are literally HUNDREDS of others that are commonbut aren’t regulated.

That leads to everything from hormones to cocaine to jet fuel turning up in drinking water around the country.

In some places, you can literally set it on fire!

At least in those cases,you KNOW not to drinkthe stuff. It’s so loaded with poison you can smell it and sometimes even see it.

In most cases, you won’t know anything is wrong.

It might LOOK fine… TASTE clean… and have NO SMELL at all.

But it could still pack dozens or even hundreds of toxins.

And don’t even get me started on the poison they put in there on purpose, from chlorine to fluoride.

Whether you have your own well or drink city water from a reservoir, there’s one way to protect yourself and everyone in your home.

Filter it.

I don’t mean one of those little pitcher-things you get at Walmart. I don’t care what claims they make on the package; they can’t handle most of what’s in the water.

There’s just ONE WAY to make sure you’ve got the cleanest, freshest H2O in town and that’s to filter via reverse osmosis.

You can get a decent system in any hardware store for a few hundred bucks. If you’re handy, you can hook it up yourself in a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon. If you’re not, spring for a plumber.

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