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FDA FORCING Shots on Seniors?!

It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory – one you can’t even mention out loud or they’ll lock yourway in the nuthouse.

A government plot… to FORCE vaccinations… on unwilling Americans.

But it’s not so crazy anymore.

See, states are giving people “outs” that let them avoid vaccinations for themselves and their children, allowing freedom-loving Americans to make their own decisions about what’s best for themselves and their families.

And the feds can’t have that – so they’re about to crack down.

The FDA just sent out a memo to states saying it’s time to END vaccine exemptions.

 And if they don’t, the feds will do it for them.

Yeah, so much for states’ rights. And RIP individual rights, too, while we’re at it.

This move, by the way, comes at the EXACT same time that YouTube, Facebook and other websites controlled by the elites are wiping out anything that shares the truth about vaccinations or even dares to question them.

Coincidence? I’ll let you by the judge, but the timing sure sounds awfully convenient to me.

All I can say is, I’m not buying any of this.

If there’s any GOOD news here it’s that it’s a heck of a lot easier to avoid vaccines when you’re 70 than when you’re 7.

At this point, they’ve practically given up on you.

There are still three main shots they’ll try to stick you with anyway… but I’ve got BETTER OPTIONS for all of them:

Shingles: There’s no surefire way to avoid shingles… and no, not even that vaccine they’re pushing will guarantee you’ll avoid it. The infection strikes when your immune system falters; you can keep it charged up and ready for battle with good sleep and vitamin C, while B vitamins can protect the nerves where the virus hides out.

Flu: Oh how they love pushing this one on seniors despite their own studies showing it’s practically worthless in older folks. Oh, and people who get the flu shot every year, as ordered, often have a HIGHER risk of getting sick with the less common and deadlier “pandemic” infections that pop up every few years. Vitamin D is up to eight times more effective than the shot, and it won’t stick you up the pandemic tree.

Pneumonia: Have your zinc levels checked; low levels of this immune-boosting mineral are a major risk factor for pneumonia in seniors. In one study, seniors low in zinc who were given supplements cut the risk of death from pneumonia by 39 percent.

Just don’t pop zinc willy-nilly. Zinc is a goldilocks nutrient; you don’t want too little OR too much, only the “just right” levels.

And always talk through the pros and cons of vaccination with your doc before you make your final decision on whether to take the shot or not.

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