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WARNING: Deadly Chemicals Found in Sunscreen

It might still be snowing where you sure but the end of winter is mercifully just around the corner.

And that means summer is coming – and with it, the annual panic over sun exposure.

But this year’s Chicken Little act comes with a plot twist.

The same feds WARNING you about sun exposure… the same agencies URGING you to baste yourself in thick and goopy chemical sunscreen… just made a SHOCKING confession.

The key ingredients in the most widely used formulas AREN’T SAFE! 

The feds just took a look at the 16 main ingredients used in the most common sunscreen formulas sold around the nation.

This is the stuff people SLATHER all over their bodies from May through Septemberbecause they’ve been told it’s the “safe” thing to do.


Only TWO of those 16 ingredients is actually proven safe!

The feds say at least two of the 14 remaining ingredients – PABA and trolamine salicylate – are dangerous and need to be axed.

The other 12? They have NO CLUE!

They’re asking sunscreen makers for more safety data.

Gee, thanks for the concern, guys… but don’t cha think that MAYBE the time for safety data would’ve been BEFORE you started urging Americans to rub this stuff all over their bods?

This is the second time in recent years they’ve been humiliated on sunscreen.

Not too long ago, one of the ingredients used in many formulas… called retinyl palmitate… was found to SPEED the growth of cancers, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Yeah, it can cause the very thing they claimed it was supposed to protect you from.

Maybe it’s time to stop listening to these nitwits once and for all when it comes to sunscreen and supposed sun safety.

The best and safest sunscreen isn’t a chemical goop.

It’s shade!

Numbers two, three and four on the list are a hat, shirt, andpants.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all spring and summer. And you certainly don’t have to bundle up like The Invisible Man for sunlikeyou do for the snow.

Get outside and enjoy the daylight; the sun is GOOD for you and will help your body crank out vitamin D and produce essential artery-opening nitric oxide.

With all the fear over sun, you might even have a little room for yourself on the beach this summer.

Just be sure to get some shade or bundle up before you burn and you’ll get the benefits of sunwithout the risks of sunscreen.

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