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The Health Problem Most Men Ignore

There’s a LOT we can try to deny as we get older. I’m not going gray, and I’m not losing hair… HONEST!

(OK, maybe I am.)

And that’s just what we can see!

The REAL damage of aging takes place much deeper… inside your body… where you CAN’T see it.

That makes it even easier to deny – which is why most guys won’t even THINK about the loss of muscle and bone that often strikes on the other side of 65.

Getting weaker? ME??? NOPE!

Well, guys, a new study shows why it’s time to snap to attention here… before something else snaps.

Turns out BONE LOSS is a much bigger problem in men than any of us realize or recognize.

Even the “experts” often consider boneloss to be more of a “female problem.”

But it’s not.

The older you are, the higher your risk of suffering thinner, weaker bone.

That’s right. Osteoporosis. YOU.

Maybe you’ve never had a hint of a fracture. Maybe you feel your frame’s still as solid as an oak log.

But the new study finds the odds are NOT in your favor, even for men.

By the time you hit 75, your chances of having strong bones are the same as a coin flip. You’ve got a 50-50 chance of suffering from the thinner, frailer, weaker bones that could put you at risk for a fracture, especially in the hip.

And by the age of 80, just 12 percent of men have STRONG bones that are NOT at risk for a fracture.

The rest… 88 percent… have bones so thin that they’d actually qualify for osteoporosis treatment.

Of course, being a mainstream study, that’s what they’re trying to push you into. Osteoporosis treatment. AKA bone drugs.

But those meds are more trouble than they’re worth. Some can even cause bone breaks – especially if you take them for the long haul.

Here’s a better idea: Give your body what it needs to make its own stronger bone.

Most guys aren’t taking that basic step. The study finds that while nearly two-thirds of women are given calcium and vitamin D supplements,  just 20 percent of men get the same.

How crazy is that? Guys have bones, too!

Along with D and calcium, make sure you take both magnesium and vitamin K (although talk to a doc about K if you’re on blood thinners, the two don’t play nice together).

You might be getting older. But you don’t have to get weaker. And if you give your bones what they need to stay strong, you won’t even have to deny it.

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