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STOP Dangerous Blood Sugar Spikes

There’s a new secret for PERFECT blood sugar control – and it’s been HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT!

This simple, safe and inexpensive all-natural therapy is easy to find in just about any store in the country.

Now, new research reveals how it can play a key role in helping tens of millions of Americans.

You could even be one of them:

  • If you have diabetes
  • If you have pre-diabetes
  • If you’re at risk of either
  • If you just want better sugar control

And of that sound like you? Heck, I’d bet that sounds like just about everyone these days.

If that’s your story, it’s time to stock up on plain old vitamin C.

I told you it was easy to find!

It’s not just good to have in an overall, general, kinda-sorta, we-all-need-it way.

The new study reveals how popping C as a supplement can deliver the kind of blood sugar control that until now many doctors would SWEAR was only possible from a drug.

But it’s NOT a drug!

The study finds low-dose C supplements can help with that sugar control when it matters most: in the very situations where you battle the most alarming spikes in glucose levels.

I’m sure you already know what I’m referring to.

It’s right after meals.

But if you take these relatively low doses of C twice a day, every day, you can expect your post-meal sugar spike to plunge by a whopping 36 percent.

That isn’t just about better control, although it certainly is.

It’s about STOPPING THE DAMAGE caused by elevated blood sugar.

Every time it spikes, you can suffer damage. Those sugar spikes are like a dangeroustidal wave rushing through you, wrecking cells in just about every part of your body.

Sugar spikes cause havoc in the heart… leading to heart disease.

They can damage nerves… leading to painful neuropathy.

They wreck cells in the eyes… leading to vision loss.

Those waves can even crash into the brain… which is why diabetes is so closely linked to cognitive decline and dementia.

But in the new study, C helped to stop that damage. The folks who took the supplements not only saw that reduction in post-meal spikes, but spent THREE FEWER HOURS per day in the state of hyperglycemia, or when sugar is elevated enough to cause all that damage.

The folks in the study took 500 mg twice a day, you’ll find C readily available in exactly that dose in nearly any supermarket, big box store or vitamin shop and online.

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