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New Arthritis Drug FAILS Major Study

Another one bites the dust!

The mainstream is DESPERATELY trying to cook up yet another arthritis drug.

They say it’s to help the 31 million Americans – mostly seniors – battling the agonizing pain of knee degeneration.

Isn’t that sweet?

Of course,that’s NOT what they’re up to. They just want to bilk you – and your insurers – with yet another half-measure that doesn’t do nearly enough to ease the pain.

After all, they no longer profit once you’re cured! 

So it’s in their financial interest to make sure their meds aren’t TOO goodif you know what I mean. And that’s why I’m not in the least bit surprised to find their latest attempt to “help” arthritis patients flunked.

This one tackles a form of inflammation. I won’t bore you with the details; it cuts an inflammation marker known as IL-1.

Over a year, it SEEMED to work. The folks who got it – at three different doses – ALL had improvements in pain levels.

But here’s the catch: So did all the folks who got a placebo.

One dose DID work a little better… but only for a short period of time.

The other problem is that even when it “worked” it didn’t do anything to actually help the knee, which continued to fall apart… meaning that over the long-term, anyone taking the med can expect still more pain down the road.

Well, looks like it’s back to the drawing board… for THEM.

But NOT for you!

You don’t have to sit around, cradling your aching knees, waiting for them to invent a better drug to tackle joint degeneration.

There’s something you can do RIGHT NOW that will:

  • Ease pain
  • Restore mobility
  • Block degeneration
  • Protect the joint
  • Rebuild cartilage

The secret is in your cartilage, aka the “cushion” inside your knees. As it wears down, your joint starts to grind against itself – creeeaaaakkkkkk!!! – and you get that agonizing pain of arthritis.

Collagen can help rebuild, repair and replace the crumbling cartilage, aka the “cushion” inside your joint.

But not any old collagen will do.

There’s a form called UC-II that’s better absorbed and used by your body. It’s so effective that studies show it’s BETTER than glucosamine and chondroitin.

You’ll find it on its own, but for even more relief look for it as part of a joint-protecting blend that includes other knee-relieving superstars such as boswellia extract.

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