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End Your Back Pain FAST!

It’s the BIGGEST scam in medicine… and you know that’s saying something.

Desperate patients coping with some of the worst back pain are being hoodwinked by surgeons into a procedure that every last one of them KNOWS doesn’t work.

Not just sometimes.

Close to 35,000 times a year!

How do these hucksters even get away with it??!?!

Now, new research again confirms that two common operations for this crippling form of pain do absolutely zip compared to a placebo.

These operations are supposed to be for older folks who have a compression fracture in the spine, which is usually caused by osteoporosis.

One tiny little crack and – YOUCH!

It hurts to sit. It hurts to stand. It hurts to lie down. All you can do is contort yourself to find a position where it hurts just a LITTLE BIT less.

With that kind of agony, of course, most folks are willing to do just about ANYTHING for a little relief.

And that’s when they hit you with the sales pitch for either vertebroplasty or balloon kyphoplasty. In both cases, they inject a little “cement” into the spine to fuse it back together.

Yeah, they’re basically superglueing it!

So they stick your spine together and you’re good as new.

But don’t thank your doc just yet.

See, studies show – repeatedly – that you get the SAME RESULTS from a FAKE procedure!

In one study last year, they PRETENDED to do the thing on some folks, giving them anesthesia in the back and poking around like they were doing the whole glue routine.

Except they didn’t actually do anything.

The folks who got the sham procedure FELT JUST AS GOOD as the folks who got the real thing!

That was true shortly after… and still true A FULL YEAR LATER.

The new study confirms that wasn’t some crazy fluke. They looked at FIVE gold-standard studies comparing vertebroplasty to a sham operation.

And they found “no clear benefit” to the vertebroplasty!

Even more disturbing, they found no real placebo-controlled trials at all behind the balloon version. The few they do have – comparison trials – find it’s really no better than the vertebroplasty.

So the balloon is no better than the vertebroplasty, and the vertebroplasty is no better than a sham.

And that’s exactly what this whole thing is: a sham to enrich docs at your expense.

There are two better ways to ease the pain. No one will get rich, but you’ll feel better:

  • Hot compress: Don’t underestimate this basic home treatment. A little heat can work wonders on back pain.
  • Topical pain relievers: Natural ointments with MSM, menthol, and capsaicin – just to name a few – not only deliver lasting relief but often work within seconds.

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