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SAVE Your Vision! (Easy)

Here’s your chance to SAVE your eyes – and you don’t need any frightening operations where they slice into your cornea and zap lasers at it.

New research reveals what just might be the REAL reason for vision loss, especially as you get older.

And it’s got nothing to do with your age.

Warning: I’ve got a tiny bit of scientific gobbledegook here, but it’ll all be clear as a new pair of glasses in a moment.

The key is in something called active matrix Gla protein.

See? I warned you.

Let’s just call it MGP. That’s easier. It’s all over your eyes, where it’s critical to at least THREE different parts of your peepers (don’t worry; I’m not going to name them… no more gobbledegook).

Now you HAVE a lot of that MGP.

But what’s it doing?

Odds are, not much. This stuff is lazier than a kid on a Saturday morning. It does NOT want to do its job.

It needs a KICK!

There’s no better way to deliver in than with Vitamin KICK.

OK, it’s not really called that… but it’s close. Vitamin K gives MGP the kick it needs, activating it so it goes to work inside your eyes and in theory should protect your vision even as you grow older.

Yeah, “in theory.”

The study didn’t test K on people with vision problems (I imagine that’s coming next). But other studies have found a link between low levels of vitamin K and:

  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Overall vision

These are ALL leading causes of vision loss in seniors.

More importantly, they’re the leading cause of INDEPENDENCE loss – because when your eyesight goes, you can lose your ability to do things for yourself including essentials such as reading and driving.

The best sources of K are leafy greens, especially the absolute worst ones like kale, and let’s face it: Who wants to gnaw on kale all day???

Maybe bunnies.

Me, I like to keep the greens as garnish. If you’re the same, there’s a better way to get your K in higher levels and the without the pain of eating kale.

Take a supplement. You can find K at just about any vitamin shop and online, and it costs just 6 cents a day.

A year’s supply is less than even the copay on an eye exam!

There’s one catch here, as I’ve warned you before: Vitamin K and some blood thinners like warfarin don’t play nice, so speak to a doc before you pop ‘em.

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