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[Alert] Do You Have THIS Dementia Warning Sign?

There’s ONE warning sign you need to look out for – one you can detect right now, as you read this.

I’ll tell you how in a moment.

This single and highly visible factor is like a red flag for your body and your mind.

And if you have it and don’t take action RIGHT NOW… you could lose BOTH!

New research reveals how one very noticeable physical change in your body could be a KEY SIGN of the onset of dementia.

This one strikes

  • BEFORE memory loss
  • BEFORE cognitive decline
  • BEFORE damaged proteins appear in the brain

And that means this could be your FIRST CHANCE to reverse this incredibly common problem… saving both your body and your mind at the same time!

What’s the link?

It’s as plain as the lines on… well… not your face. But just about everywhere else.

Those shriveled marks where your muscles used to be? Those could be part of it, especially if that lost muscle is leading to real weakness.

The weaker you get, the frailer you turn.

Next thing you know, any little stumble can turn into a nightmare. You don’t get up, and you don’t bounce back.

You could end up in the ER!

You get slow… weak… and, let’s face it, flat-out miserable.

Who wants to live like that?!?!

But that, as it turns out, isn’t even the worst of it.

The new study confirms the changes aren’t just on the outside.

Frailty could also be sucking you dry from the INSIDE, damaging the brain slowly – rotting out your gray matter in ways you won’t even notice right away.

The result?

The new study finds older folks with frailty have a much higher risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, along with all of the symptoms that come with them.

Frailty hurts another way, too: Once dementia sinks in, frailty will SPEED the decline, causing the disease to progress even faster.

But here’s the thing: The frailty comes FIRST, sometimes YEARS earlier.

And that means you can get a head start YEARS before dementia and STOP IT from taking hold.

Don’t waste your time on a rigorous exercise program; that’s NOT how you beat frailty.

The TOP cause of frailty isn’t your age or your body or a lack of exercise.

It’s MEDS!

A 2017 study found taking five meds or more – as 40 percent of seniors do each day – will increase your frailty risk by 50 percent. A separate study found 1 in 3 patients suffering from cognitive impairment take five or more meds.

As the new study makes clear… that’s NOT a coincidence.

So visit your doc, and have a heart-to-heart over your meds. There’s a good chance you can ditch one or more, or replace them with natural alternatives to save both your strength and your memory.

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