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Is Your Brain LEAKING?!

Here’s the most alarming thing you’ll hear all day.

Ready for it?

Are you SURE???

OK, here it is: There’s a good chance YOUR BRAIN IS LEAKING… right now!

It’s oozing right there in your skull – and since it’s not dripping out your ears or anything, you won’t even notice it.

Not at first.

But new research reveals how that slow drip-drip-drip in your brain could brew up trouble – and it could even lead DIRECTLY to one of the most terrifying diseases of aging.

It can set the stage for memory loss… cognitive struggles… dementia… and Alzheimer’s disease.

Unless you take action.

You can PLUG the leaks, SAVE your brain and REVERSE those risks with the help of my handy “brain plumbing” kit.

And it’s a whole lot easier than anyone in the mainstream will let on.

The new study used MRIs to peek at the capillaries inside the brains of 161 older folks. Those are the smallest blood vessels you have – thinner than a hair, and so narrow that blood cells travel through them single-file, like ants marching on a log.

They have two main jobs in the brain:

  • Deliver critical oxygen
  • Form a defensive barrier to block toxins

That second one is called the blood-brain barrier. It allows those blood cells to drop off oxygen but STOPS them from hauling in toxins such as metals.

And that’s exactly where it all goes to heck.

As you get older, some of those capillaries start to crack open and – pop! –all the junk they’re supposed to keep OUT of your brain ends up oozing right IN.

Next thing you know, you’re losing it.

The more leaks you’ve got, the more your cognition will slide… and the study finds that’s true even if you don’t have the junky buildups of amyloid-beta and tau in the brain that mark dementia.

That means this could come FIRST before that damage appears.

And that means this is your FIRST chance to act!

Of course, tell your doc you’d like an MRI to see if your capillaries are leaking, and he’ll have your head examined all right… by a shrink!

It’s not exactly a test most of them will order.

But you don’t need one. There’s an action you can take right now, no MRI necessary.

A study on MS patients – who also have leaks in this same spots – found fish oil can help plug them.

That was, as I mentioned, a study on MS, not dementia.

But here’s the thing: We KNOW that inflammation can damage the blood-brain barrier, and omega-3 fatty acids are some of nature’s most powerful inflammation-fighters.

It all makes sense, and along with helping the brain, they can protect your heart, eyes and more.

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