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FIX Your Leaky Bladder WITHOUT Drugs!

You deserve DIGNITY. You deserve RESPECT. And most of all, you deserve REAL ANSWERS.

But if you’re battling the humiliation of bladder problems, it’s hard enough to work up the nerve to even ASK for the help you so desperately need.

Half of older women have incontinence problems, but two-thirds are so ashamed by it that they never mention it to a doctor.

And when you do have the courage to ask for help, waddaya get?

NO dignity. NO respect. And NO real answers!

In a moment, I’ll give you what they won’t. I’ve got answers that’ll CURE your leaky bladder and GIVE you back your dignity… not to mention the freedom to go out when you want, and where you want, without fear of an “accident.”

Just don’t follow the mainstream plan.

They’re out with a “new approach” that just might be the worst one yet: It’s a little stretchy belt… but it’s not one you wear around your waist.

It’s IMPLANTED into your body. It wraps around your bladder, and it’s covered in tiny lights.

When it senses you “gotta go” too much, the lights switch on, like a motion-sensor alarm system spotting an intruder on the lawn.

Just like that crook will freeze in his tracks, the lights seem stop the nerves that cause your bladder muscles to contract – and you no longer feel “the urge.”

A string of Christmas lights… IMPLANTED inside your body… that a report in the Daily Mail says could soon be used by MILLIONS with bladder issues.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong???

This thing is – thankfully – not on the market just yet. But the stuff that’s out there now isn’t much better.

Most if it’s WORSE!

The drugs they push on patients for leaky bladder not only don’t work well, but can cause side effects including a whole new leak where you REALLY don’t want it: Right in your brain!

Some of these drugs have been linked to memory losscognitive decline… and dementia. One study found that anticholinergic drugs used for bladder control can increase the risk of dementia by 54 percent.

There are three natural therapies proven to help strengthen the bladder so you regain control: horsetail, three-leaf caper (a.k.a. Crataeva nurvala) and Lindera.

They’re each good on their own.

But they REALLY shine when they’re together. One study found they not only cut down the number of episodes in many women, but one in four who tried this combo were completely cured!

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