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Breakthrough REVERSES Aging! (Starts in 7 Days)

Imagine celebrating your next birthday, not by adding a year… but by SUBTRACTING one.

Heck, let’s not stop at one year.

Imagine subtracting twothreefour years… or more. Imagine celebrating yourself as 10 or 20 years younger.

This isn’t some exercise in vanity.

It’s not denial.

And it’s certainly not delusion.

You CAN do it. You can REVERSE the aging process where it matters most: deep inside your body

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, one of America’s leading pioneers of natural medicine, has developed a groundbreaking new formula called Metaphenol 27 that can help you reverse the signs of aging.

And it starts to work within a single week!

In one clinical trial, volunteers recruited to try this unprecedented formula experienced:

  • 33 percent improved mental performance
  • 37 percent stronger memory
  • 41 percent improved focus
  • 55 percent improved mood
  • 359 percent more energy

It can also improve blood sugar… cut blood pressure… slash your triglycerides… boost your libido

Beginning in just SEVEN DAYS!

And today, you’re going to have a chance to see those stunning results for yourself in an exclusive risk-free opportunity for Daily Dose readers.

The secret to Metaphenol 27’s astounding success is in groundbreaking research nearly 80 years in the making.

It’s called S.P.A.R – Spontaneous Age Reversal – and it’s just what it sounds like: a protocol that practically REVERSES aging by focusing on its TWO main causes.

Neither one has anything to do with the calendar.

The first is your mitochondria, or the internal battery in every cell.

You know what happens as batteries get older, right? They get less juice… and eventually lose power altogether.

That’s what happens in your body. Seniors have a fraction of the mitochondrial energy of teens.

But the right nutrients can RECHARGE those batteries, essentially reversing the effects of age!

The second is metabolic health, or your body’s ability to process blood sugar changes and fight off stress. And just like with your mitochondria, the right ingredients can RESTORE your metabolism to youthful good health.

The secret is in the THREE PHASES of S.P.A.R.:

S.P.A.R. Phase 1 Compound – the NT Factor – which helps restore your mitochondria and strengthen them with phospholipids, so they stay young and healthy.

S.P.A.R. Phase 2 Compound – or FIIT-Metabolic – protects your mitochondria against dangerous free radicals that cause your aches and pains and make you feel and look older.

S.P.A.R. Phase 3 Compound – called pycnogenol – which triggers your body to make more mitochondria and nitric oxide, resulting in better memory, increased focus, smoother skin, sharper vision, and a healthier heart.

You’ll LOOK younger. More importantly, you’ll FEEL younger.

It’s as if aging IS AFRAID of you!

I should add that Dr. Gerhauser’s groundbreaking formula comes from a sister company of the one that brings you the Daily Dose.

But you know old Jack wouldn’t waste your time on nonsense. I’ve SEEN the science, and I was blown away by it.

Dr. Gerhauseris so convinced you’ll be blown away too that he’s backed Metaphenol 27 with the best guarantee in the business.

If this cutting-edge natural therapy DOESN’T deliver… if it doesn’t take YEARS off your age… if you’re not happy for any reason at all… he’ll give you a complete no-questions-asked refund.

Learn more right here.

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