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WARNING: New Bone Drug Causes Heart Attacks!

Can you believe the NERVE of these drug-happy hacks?!?

One of the FDA’s rubber-stamp committees just reached a new low (and that’s saying something given all the garbage drugs they’ve OK’d for Americans).

They’re trying to push through a new drug for older women called romosozumab (aka Evenity).

This one is supposed to PROTECT bone, PREVENTING breaks and fractures.

Hey, I’m all for that. Older women DO face a higher risk of bone breaks, and DO need help preventing them – and I’ll have the formula for ultimate protection in a moment.

It’s certainly a whole safer than this drug, because even when it works… even when it cuts your risk of those breaks and fractures… it can cause something a whole lot worse.

Yes,WORSE than the agonizing pain.

 WORSE than the crippling injuries.

And WORSE than the life-long struggles that often follow even when it’s “healed.”

It can put the squeeze on your heart!

This drug isn’t “new” in the usual sense of the word. It’s been in development for years now… even been rejected at least once… because it’s been dogged every step of the way by a horrifying set of risks.

Specifically, it can increase your risk of HEART ATTACK and STROKE.


Some of the members of FDA panel are pretending to talk tough about it, admitting that there are “concerns” over those risks and “demanding” more safety studies as a condition of approval.

C’mon. It’s an act. Here’s how toothless that “demand” is: They’re willing to approve the drug first… and wait for the safety study later.

How crazy is that? It would essentially turn EVERY woman who takes the med into a human guinea pig.

What’s more, we don’t even need new studies to know the risk is real.

Combined data from THREE CLINICAL TRIALS finds romosozumab can increase the risk of major cardiovascular events by 40 percent.

Not one study. THREE studies! What else do they need??? Maybe they’re waiting for the skies to open and a voice to boom from above.

Even then, they’ll probably approve it first, then ask for a second booming voice! 

Don’t let them turn you into a guinea pig. When it comes to bone, go with something more solid and give your body what it needs to repair and rebuild on its own.

You know about calcium. Everyone does. What most folks don’t know is that it can’t work by itself. You need FOUR ingredients: calcium… vitamin D… magnesium… and vitamin K.

Each one relies on the other, just be sure to speak with a doc before taking K since it doesn’t mix well with the blood thinner warfarin.

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