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REVEALED: America’s HIDDEN Epidemic (And How to BLOCK It!)

It’s Big Pharma’s next BILLION DOLLAR blockbuster in the waiting.

They’re hoping to cash in big on America’s HIDDEN epidemic with up-and-coming drugs in development for metabolic syndrome.

But if you like rooting for the underdog, then I’ve got just the story for you today, my friend.

Looks like the drug kingpins were just BEATEN at their own game!

New research reveals a way to FIGHT metabolic syndrome and REVERSE the damage of this deadly collection of risk factors.

And there’s not a drug in the picture right now.

It’s an all-natural, patent-free set of vitamins… and you can get them in just about ANY store in America for pennies a day!

Don’t you just LOVE IT when the little guy wins?

Here’s the deal: The new study confirms that much of the damage of metabolic syndrome leads to endotoxemia, or when toxins called endotoxins rush through your bloodstream like they own the place.

Once they’re running around two things happen:

• Inflammation
• Oxidation

That leads to oxidative stress, which causes cells to age and die off – and you face disease and even death yourself.

Your body’s not stupid. It KNOWS what’s going on and its defense system kicks in. It cranks out extra white blood cells called neutrophils to rush through and punch out the endotoxins.

But anyone who’s been to the movies can see what’s coming next.

It’s a trap!

The disease WANTS your neutrophils out in the blood because while it’s there it accidentally wipes out vitamin C, which your body needs to use vitamin E… and that vitamin E is the main line of defense against metabolic syndrome, especially in the liver.

How tricky is that???

So here’s the score: Boost your C and E. You need both. You need more of both if you have metabolic syndrome.

Don’t think you have it? Don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. Most people with the condition DON’T know it… because most cases are COMPLETELY undiagnosed.

But you can diagnose yourself right now.

Metabolic syndrome is a collection of risk factors all at once. Specifically, five of them… but you don’t need all of them.

Just any three of these:

1. Big belly
2. Low HDL
3. High triglycerides
4. High blood sugar
5. High blood pressure

How many do you have? If you’ve got ONE, be concerned. If you’ve got TWO, be ready. If you’ve got THREE or more, take action… drop the weight with a low-carb diet and boost you C and E and you should be quickly on the road to recovery from the disease you never even knew you had.

With the ABCs on C and E,
Jack Harrison

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