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CURE Diabetes Before 8 a.m.?!

The best part of waking up might be that coffee in your cup – but next on the list just has to be a plate of eggs!

For YEARS the mainstream “experts” have pulled a Chicken Little act over eggs, pretending that the sky is falling because they contain fat and cholesterol.

But I won’t let those hacks hen-peck me. Eggs have never been off the menu here at Harrison House.

Now, new research shows how you want to make sure you have an EGGS-ellent breakfast every day yourself, especially if you have pre-diabetes or are at risk for diabetes.

If you’ve got that condition, eggs aren’t just a delicious and filling breakfast.

They can REVERSE pre-diabetes and help ensure you NEVER develop full-blown diabetes.

And all it takes… is ONE egg a day!

You’re free to have more (I sure do). But the new study out of Finland finds eating a single egg a day will cut your risk of diabetes.

Blood tests revealed why: The guys who ate the eggs were much more likely to have better lab results.

Their blood tests looked pretty much like what we see in people who never develop diabetes, rich in the vitamins, minerals and essential fats needed to ward off the disease.

Guys who didn’t eat eggs, on the other hand, had all the warning signs… and in some cases, it was a whole lot more than a warning.

Over nearly 20 years, they were more likely to develop diabetes.

The study didn’t get too specific. But that’s why you have me, right?


CHOLINE: Some 90 percent of Americans DON’T get the recommended levels of this essential. Even people who eat eggs miss out because most of the choline is in the yolk – and people have been conditioned into believing the yolk is unhealthy.

It’s NOT.

BETAINE: This is what the choline creates in your body, and a 2016 study found folks with the right levels of choline and betaine have better fasting glucose and insulin levels… while folks with low levels faced insulin resistance, which in turn leads to diabetes.

CHOLESTEROL: Don’t fall for the mainstream fear-mongering. You actually NEED cholesterol, even LDL, which hauls around fat-soluble nutrients in your blood. And even though eggs DO have cholesterol, studies show the cholesterol in eggs WON’T raise your blood levels. It goes in, does its job, and leaves.

Everything should be that efficient!

Eggs are also a terrific source of protein, and so satiating that studies show people who eat them for breakfast snack less in the morning and eat better at lunch.

In other words, anyone still telling you these things are “unhealthy” is going to have egg on his face… and probably diabetes, too.

Not yolking around,
Jack Harrison

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