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This Knee Surgery WON’T Help You

It sure is tempting: Your doc will claim he can reverse YEARS of agonizing knee pain in just 45 minutes.

He’ll claim the REAL cause of your misery is a little tear in your meniscus – and in one quickie operation, he can go in… patch it up… and sweep out and junk.

And you’ll be back on your feet, feeling better than ever, in a matter of weeks.
But don’t sign up for that surgery yet, because a recent study reveals the ugly truth.

It’s nothing but a SCAM!

In most cases, the operation WON’T reduce pain… WON’T improve mobility… and WON’T ease your knees any more than safe and natural options that you can try right now.

One of those options is a little physical therapy.

I know when you’re in pain, PT doesn’t exactly sound like a picnic. But just realize that your post-surgery recovery will also include PT, so you’re going to be pushed through it either way.

Skip the surgery and go right for the PT, because the new study of folks in their 50s with meniscal tears shows it’ll give you more thigh strength in the short term.

And over the long term, there’s absolutely no difference in overall outcomes.


The reason is simple: Even if you have a meniscus tear, odds are it’s NOT the cause of your knee pain.

Many seniors — those with knee pain, and those lucky souls without — have at least some damage to the meniscus.

It comes with the aging territory.

But since there’s no reason to scan a healthy knee, the only time a meniscus tear gets noticed is when there are problems — so it gets the blame.

It’s time to put the blame where it belongs, and that’s the damage to cartilage caused by arthritis. That’s the natural cushion that stops your knee from grinding — and if you can fix the cushion, you can ease the pain.

You don’t need surgery, and you don’t need drugs.

You just need a back-to-basics one-two punch.

First, swing with the right and knock out the immediate pain with natural inflammation fighters such as cod liver oil.

And then, go for the knockout with a left hook: UC-II collagen supplements can help stop the damage in the knees and even repair it.

For once, you’ll be ready to leap out of your bed in the morning and start the day.

With the key for your knee,
Jack Harrison

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