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Lose Weight WITHOUT Stepping Foot in The Gym!

It’s the HOTTEST ticket in town.

It’s not some big new Hollywood hit with Oscar buzz.

And it’s not a restaurant with lines out the door.

It’s the GYM!

People are practically begging fitness clubs to let them in so they can work off their holiday weight gain and fulfill their 2019 resolutions.

But don’t follow the crowds on this one.

A new report reveals that if you’re looking to lose some weight – if you REALLY want to get slim and trim – the last place in the world you want to go is to the gym!

The study confirms just what you’ve read here in the Daily Dose: You can run ’til your knees are weak… pump iron until your muscles are sore… and sweat and grunt the hours away.

But for all of that effort, you WON’T lose any weight.

The study in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons blows open one of the biggest myths about exercise and weight loss.

Supposedly, our ancestors were slim and trim because they were FORCED to get more exercise. They were being chased by sabretooth tigers… clubbing mammoths… and climbing up the cliffs to get to their caves. You know… all the Flintstone stuff.

Well, they found some modern Flintstones.

They visited the Hadza tribe in Africa, which lives pretty close to a Paleolithic lifestyle.

They’re WAY more active than those of us out here in the modern world.

But despite those long days of hunting and gathering, they DON’T burn off more calories than the typical modern sofa-loving, TV-watching, burger-chomping American.

In other words, you can move all you want – and shell out big money at a gym to try to mimic the daily “exercise” of your Flintstone ancestors – but you won’t lose weight.

This study might be “new,” but it’s just what you’ve been reading here in the Daily Dose all along.

If you want to lose weight, there’s just one way to do it: diet.

Don’t worry.

I’m NOT talking about nibbling on celery sticks, counting calories or giving up the foods you love.

You can eat better than ever on a low-carb diet filled with all of the good animal fats you want including beef, pork chops, bacon and more.

Even a Flintstone-sized steak!

And all you have to do is skip the breads, pasta, and pizza. Small sacrifice… BIG results.

Want to speed things along? Of course, you do. An extract of a plant called Cissus quadrangularis can goose your metabolism and help you burn fat more than 1,000 percent faster.

Dropping the pounds,
Jack Harrison

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