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3 Drug-Free Ways to an Easier Number Two

It’s the NUMBER ONE cure for going “number two,” and you won’t believe how simple it is.

NO drugs. NO gassy fiber supplements. And NO chalky solutions that might make you want to hurl even if they make you “go”

I’ve got something that works much better if you’re plugged-up (hint: it’s something you almost certainly have in your kitchen right now).

I’ve even got some backup options for easing the old backup.

Sit tight, and I’ll reveal those answers in a moment.

But first, let me tell you what NOT to do: DON’T try to clear your rear with the newest med to hit the market.

It’s got two big problems.

1) It doesn’t work very well.
2) It packs an absolutely horrific side effect.

The newly approved drug is called prucalopride, although it’ll almost certainly have a snazzier name for the endless commercials that’ll no doubt air once the drug ships out to pharmacies.

Those ads will make it sound good.

They’ll say it’s TWICE as effective as a placebo.

That’s true, but the placebo worked at 10-20 percent rate, meaning the drug only worked in 20-40 percent.

In other words, UP TO 80 PERCENT didn’t get relief!

We’re not talking a magic cure here, either. When it does work, patients get three bowel movements a week.

That’s it.

And for that small benefit in a limited number of people, the drug comes with a MASSIVE RISK: suicidal thoughts and attempts.


So yeah, avoid the new drug. And definitely pass on the current stuff, especially the over-the-counter laxatives, which can turn you into a prisoner in your own bathroom.

Don’t even try to go out after taking one of those.


I’ve got you covered. I’ve got THREE GREAT CURES that’ll give you smooth moves without the side effects.

1) Olive Oil: Call it nature’s best laxative. Try a couple of tablespoons of olive oil a few times a day. It’ll fire up the bile juices and help clear things out. To make it even more effective, chase it with a little juice. OJ, apple, pear and (of course) prune can all get things moving.

2) Magnesium: Odds are, you’re falling short in magnesium anyway. Boost your intake with a supplement, and you’ll get easier bowel movements and better overall health at the same time.

3) Probiotics: The natural bacteria in a decent probiotic formula can give your belly just what it needs to keep everything moving along. A 2017 study found a supplement can increase the frequency of bowel movements by nearly 30 percent… and I’d bet a high-quality supplement can deliver even better results.

Clearing out the pipes,
Jack Harrison

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