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QUIT Diabetes Drugs For Good! (Here’s How)

Move over hula hoops, bell bottoms, and pet rocks.

You might THINK those things are ripe for a comeback (everything old is new again). But there’s another old trend making a return instead – and this one is the worst of the lot.

It’s a medical condition, and you don’t get to toss this one in the trash and move on when you’re done with it.

It’s with you FOREVER.

Diabetic amputations are back with a vengeance, jumping by 50 percent in less than a decade.

And the mainstream is absolutely stumped looking for the reason.

C’mon guys. Seriously???

There’s no mystery behind this comeback. The REAL reason diabetic toe, foot, and leg amputations are rising after nearly vanishing is simple.

It’s not the same as the reason for those amputations in years past.

Those were the result of poor disease control. A little spot on your foot turns into an ulcer and then doesn’t heal right, in large part because of poor blood sugar control.

Today, it could be just the opposite.

It’s because of MEDICATION – including the very drugs that are supposed to help control blood sugar to PREVENT these kinds of terrible complications!

One of the most successful new classes of medication for diabetes – called SGLT2 inhibitors – can directly lead to amputation.

One drug in this class can DOUBLE that risk, according to a warning from the FDA itself… and regulators in Europe warned that the chance might apply across the entire category of medication.

And they claim they have no idea why amputations are back???

I expect they know – but they’re more worried about losing sales to admit it.

I say you’ve got better options. You can control blood sugar WITHOUT the meds – and WITHOUT the risks – with the help of what I call the THREE Cs:

1) Chromium: This essential trace mineral is the most potent natural weapon yet against diabetes. It can help control blood sugar so effectively that in some cases, it’s even been shown to help REVERSE the disease.
2) Cinnamon: A natural compound in cinnamon can help your cells suck up glucose and burn it off. For the best possible results, look for a water-based extract.
3) Carb-cutting: When it comes down to it, this is still the single best way to control blood sugar… and if you’re strict about it, you can work with a doc to cut the doses of your meds or even eliminate them completely.

Shutting out sugar,
Jack Harrison

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