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3 EASY Ways to REVERSE Dementia

No way to stop dementia???

That’s gotta be the biggest line of you-know-what in modern medicine. Sure, there’s no DRUG to stop cognitive decline – and as far as they’re concerned, that’s the only thing that matters.

That’s how they make money!

But there’s something far more important than how much cash you can squeeze out of a desperate patient… RESULTS.

And when it comes to that all-important test, there ARE safe and proven ways to BLOCK dementia, PROTECT your brain and REVERSE cognitive decline… even if the early stages of the disease are already setting in!

Now, the latest research nails down some of the best-of-the-best.

You WON’T hear about these proven all-natural brain-boosters from a dollar-chasing mainstream Big Pharma hack.

But you WILL find them available for just pennies a day… if you know where to look!

The new study shows exactly where to look. Researchers examined more than two dozen nutrients in one of the parts of the world known for healthy aging and low dementia risk.

It sorted out the BEST parts of the Mediterranean diet, minus the part where you have to nibble on birdseed and bland poached chicken for most of your meals.

They found certain vital nutrients can activate your brain, ensuring that all the right connections remain in place for your internal network to store, retrieve and use information on command.

More importantly, they looked at REAL-WORLD results – including how well people functioned on specific cognitive tests based on blood levels of these key nutrients.

These are the nutrients your brain needs most, revealed in black-and-white… inexpensive essentials that have the power to deliver what no drug in the world can promise at any price.

And the three best are…

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: No surprise here! This stuff is like rocket fuel for the brain… and the study confirms it. It also helps back up a 2011 study that found people who take omega-3s have a 63 percent lower risk of cognitive decline.

VITAMIN B12: Here’s another one that’s been linked time and again to more power for your brain. Want to make it even better? Combine it with the other key B’s – B6 and folate. In studies, this trio has been able to reverse some of the most damaging signs of cognitive decline, including slowing down the dreaded “brain shrink.”

BETA-CAROTENE: This is the stuff that usually gets linked to good vision – and yeah, it’s great for your peepers. But it might be even BETTER for your brain, with the new study connecting it to stronger effect in the brain network. Other studies have found beta-carotene combined with vitamin C can ward off Alzheimer’s, so be sure to get both!

With a boost for the brain,
Jack Harrison

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