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The one thing your surgeon will get WRONG

It’s one of the FIRST pieces of advice you’ll get before surgery.

Doctors will URGE you to follow this one… and WARN you of dire consequences if you don’t.

Quit your fish oil, they’ll say. Don’t take it in the days leading up to your operation, because it’s a blood thinner… and if your blood thins too much, you could suffer bleeding problems during your operation.

Some docs might even play up the fear, implying that a little fish oil before your surgery could KILL YOU!

Scary? You bet it is.

With a threat like that, no wonder so many people quit their fish oil before surgery (and too many never start taking it again).

But guess what: It’s complete baloney!

Actually, this is worse than baloney as new research finds that the real risk isn’t from the fish oil.

It’s from QUITTING the fish oil!

That’s right. Follow his advice, and you won’t get that protection from bleeding that he promised.

You’ll get the opposite.

The new study tested massive doses of fish oil. They looked at levels of up to 8 grams per day. If this stuff posed ANY risk at all it would certainly be seen at those levels.

But just the opposite happened.

The higher the blood levels of EPA and DHA on the morning of surgery, the LOWER the risk of bleeding problems!

In cases where transfusions were needed, the folks on fish oil needed LESS blood.

The researchers behind this study said the supposed risks of omega-3s during surgery are an “urban myth” that somehow became conventional wisdom.

The great irony here is that mainstream docs tell folks who need to take aspirin as a blood thinner not to take fish oil instead because it’s not an effective blood thinner.

Then, if you take fish oil anyway and go in for surgery, they’ll tell you to quit beforehand because it’s a blood thinner.

Make up your minds, people!

Here’s the real deal: The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are a safe and natural blood thinner. They’re much gentler on the body than aspirin, which is why they’ve proven time and again to cut heart risk WITHOUT the bleeding risks that come from taking aspirin.

Obviously, don’t simply ignore your doc because of this new study.

Every case is different and everyone has their own risk factors to worry about.

Instead, make sure he’s aware of this new study and work with him to figure out the best approach for you.

With information for your operation,
Jack Harrison

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