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This ‘Silly Question’ Could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

No one likes to question the experts.

When the mechanic says you’ve got a damaged internal combobulator, you open up your wallet for a repair… never suspecting there’s no such thing.

And if you think mechanics get away with A LOT, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Docs know they don’t get questioned very often, and too many of them cut corners as a result.

But new research reveals why you should ALWAYS question him… and ask one basic question in particular before he even places his stethoscope on your chest.

I mean that literally… because it’s about that stethoscope.

It could be CRAWLING with nasty little germs!

Some of them are icky, but harmless. Others could make you sicker than you’ve ever been in your life… especially if you’re seeing the doctor in a hospital because you’re already ill.

That’s where the new study took place. In hospitals, where researchers examined both disposable stethoscopes and the normal everyday ’scopes docs carry around all over.

Some docs even keep them around their necks when they’re out in town on errands or getting a cup of coffee (LOOK AT ME! I’M A DOCTOR!).

Wherever they go, they’re dragging along filthy bacteria, including the Staphylococcus family of germs that cause staph infections, pneumonia and more.

In the BEST of times, those bugs can make you sick.

But when you’re in a hospital, you likely have a weakened immune system, which will make you even more prone to infection.

That could help explain how 1.2 million American hospital patients pick up drug-resistant staph infections EVERY YEAR. This kind of recklessness could have deadly consequences: 10,000 patients DIE of these infections EVERY MONTH!

Now, I’m not suggesting filthy stethoscopes are responsible for most of these cases, or even many of them.

But if they contribute to even ONE infection… or even ONE DEATH… that’s one too many, because this shouldn’t happen at all.

So ask your doc where it’s been and when it’s been cleaned. Don’t be too reassured if it’s a disposable stethoscope unless you’ve seen it come out of the package yourself; the study found germs on BOTH kinds, which indicates those disposable “one-time use” stethoscopes aren’t being disposed.

And they’re getting used a lot more than once.

If he hems and haws, make sure he cleans it with alcohol, bleach or hydrogen peroxide. The study finds cleaning won’t kill 100 percent of the germs, but it should wipe out most of them, and the longer he wipes it down the more bacteria it’ll kill.

Scoping out the situation,
Jack Harrison

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