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Powerful Nutrient Helps Your Cells CHEAT DEATH

It’s a constant assault from every direction – one you can’t SEE or FEEL, but could WRECK YOU just the same.

Every single moment of every single day, your cells are coming under assault by an enemy that’s all around you.

It’s oxidative stress, or the dual damage of time and toxins.

It SLAMS you. POW! – right in the DNA!

And over time that very damage can lead to everything from daily struggles like fatigue to long-term risks including cancer, heart disease and more.

But you can fight back!

There’s a way to energize your internal deflector shields and keep those toxic missiles from striking… and it’s in a powerful antioxidant that gets almost no attention at all.

It’s called glutathione, and in experiments on rats, the younger cells had higher levels, which helped them to fight off stress caused by exposure to toxins.

In cells from older rats, on the other hand, glutathione levels plunged, and the cells died off rapidly.

Now, I wouldn’t be wasting your time here if this were just an issue for rats.

But the same exact thing happens inside our own cells — which is why I want you to pay close attention to what happened next.

As researchers raised glutathione levels, the older cells actually GOT YOUNGER.

Glutathione, which helps provide energy to cells, powered up the shields so much that NOTHING was able to bust through them. It worked so well that the older cells fought off the toxic missiles of stress just as well as the younger ones.

Of course, there IS a catch. There’s always a catch, right?

You can buy glutathione supplements, but most of them aren’t worth a cent because they’re so poorly absorbed.

So, in the new study, they cooked up a workaround: They added a compound called N-acetylcysteine, or NAC.

NAC supplements are inexpensive and widely available, and they can also boost the immune system to fight off cold and flu. And cells can convert NAC into glutathione, raising the levels rapidly so they can fight off toxins.

But you also have another option.

You can cut the middleman, because there IS a form of glutathione available as a supplement that your body can soak right up and use quickly. It’s called Setria, and you’ll find it available on its own and as part of powerful antioxidant and anti-aging blends.

As always, look for a quality formula from a maker you trust.

Living longer and stronger,
Jack Harrison

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