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[YUCK!] The DIRTIEST Diet Trend of All Time!

I know we’re only a week into the New Year, but I’ve already found 2019’s DUMBEST diet trend.

We can hand out the award today, because the competition won’t even be close.

A new report claims the best way to burn fat, lose weight and keep slim isn’t in cutting stuff out of your diet.

It’s adding something in.

Something very specific… and pretty disgusting.

They want YOU to eat DIRT!

No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. That’s the trick. DIRT. Specifically, a form clay processed from dirt.

Naturally, this nonsense originates with attention-seeking Hollywood weirdos, who have been boasting about their “dirt cleanses” (talk about an oxymoron).

But now, they’ve got starry-eyed researchers playing along.

Scientists in Australia claim DIRT is effective for weight loss, and the proof is in the filthy pudding.

Or, in this case, the proof is in the mud pies.

They did a little experiment on rats given a high-fat diet. Some were given a daily dose of dirt, while others were given the diet drug orlistat.

OK, so right out of the gate we’re off to a bad start; orlistat is the med that become the (literal) butt of late-night jokes over its most infamous side effect: “anal leakage.”

Not exactly what I would use as a basis of comparison for ANYTHING.

But they did.

They tested the drug known for leaving mud marks against actual mud, and it turns out the dirt-eating rodents lost more weight.

It worked in a similar way, too: They both block fat from being absorbed.

The drug blocks an enzyme that digests fat. That essentially flushes it right out (sometimes in messy and unexpected ways).

In the case of dirt, certain compounds suck up fat droplets. They essentially surround the fat particles – and since the dirt itself isn’t digested, it all goes out the other end.

No word yet if can also cause the old “leakage” other than a claim of “fewer” side effects from the researchers.

Sounds reassuring.

Here’s a better idea: How about we DON’T eat dirt???

As you’ve read here in the Daily Dose, a low-carb diet allows you to EAT all the fat you want WITHOUT absorbing any of it.

No dirt. No drugs. No leaky side effects.

Want more help?

An extract made from saffron will help to both suppress your appetite and burn off fat – and since it’s not a stimulant, it doesn’t have the jittery side effects of other fat-burners.

Look for it on its own or as part of an all-natural blend.

Making a clean getaway,
Jack Harrison

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