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Common Drug Combo Could Send You to The ER!

It’s the RISK you don’t even know you’re facing… from the DRUGS you don’t even know you’re taking!

Most folks tune out warnings on psychiatric drugs.

Psychiatric drugs? ME??? NOPE!

But these aren’t meds given to “crazy” people and they’re not even limited solely to folks with mood swings and personality problems.

They’re meds given to people just like you for common everyday conditions most people don’t even consider to be “psychiatric.”

One study finds millions of seniors with NO MENTAL HEALTH diagnosis at all are taking not one… not two… but THREE psychiatric drugs such as sleeping pills, sedatives, relaxants, painkillers and antidepressants.

The number of seniors on at least three of these drugs has DOUBLED in a decade.

Giving a patient just ONE of these meds is dangerous enough and should be done only very carefully… or better yet, not at all.

Dishing out TWO is irresponsible.

But giving THREE to a patient at once is downright RECKLESS!

These drugs can cause you to be so unsteady that you could suffer a painful or even crippling fall. They can cause memory loss, confusion, irritation, and more. And let’s not forget all the usual side effects, like stomach problems and other reactions.

Put it all together, and you get the most shocking number of all in the study.

Every day, more than 10,000 seniors taking three or more of these drugs end up in emergency rooms.

Every DAY!

I know that sounds absolutely bonkers.

But the numbers are right there in black and white, with 3.68 million seniors on three or more psychiatric meds rushed to the ER in 2013 alone.

That’s a 150 percent increase in just 10 years.

Don’t let yourself become part of this ugly new trend.

These pills are often given for minor complaints because docs don’t know what else to do.

Sleeping problems? Here’s a med! Pain issues? Here’s a med! Sad over the loss of a friend or loved one? Yup… another med.

It’s time to tell him where to stuff those meds!

Work with a skilled naturopathic medical doctor who can get you REAL solutions instead of drugs, and you can start with these three quick cheats:

SLEEP: Trouble sleeping? Don’t even waste your time with a psychiatric med. Try melatonin instead, especially a liquid spray that gets absorbed DIRECTLY into your body so it works faster and you fall asleep quicker.
PAIN: Topical over-the-counter remedies not only DON’T have the risks of drugs, but also kick in within seconds so you get immediate relief. Look for one based on capsaicin, menthol and wintergreen.
MOOD DISORDERS: You can beat even the most stubborn cases of depression with mood-boosting nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids and a quality B complex.

Keeping you FAR from the ER,
Jack Harrison

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