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This “Therapy” Makes You SICKER

You gotta give the shrinks a little credit for trying.

No matter what the issue… no matter what the problem… they’re out with a report claiming they can fix it for you with trendy cognitive behavioral therapy.

It’s not just depression anymore.

Now, these crackpots claim they can talk away everything from sleep problems to pain battles to chronic diarrhea.

They can’t. OF COURSE they can’t. You can’t talk away that stuff anymore than you can wish it away.

They’ll claim that at the very least, CBT is safe, so why not give it a shot?

But a new study proves it’s NOT nearly as safe as advertised – and not just because talking to these drones will drive you out of your mind.

Turns out CBT can make you MORE miserable than you were before you started… and not just because you lost $100 a week to these endless, mindless gab sessions.

It can also lead to REAL problems.

The new study finds nearly half of all CBT patients battle weird side effects and other problems, and for 40 percent of them those issues are “severe” or “very severe.”

We’re talking problems with family or loved ones CAUSED by the CBT as well as stress, shame, anxiety, “intensive” crying and even suicidality.

And for a quarter of the patients who feel these side effects, they can last WEEKS or even MONTHS!

The nutty thing is that this isn’t even the worst part of cognitive behavioral therapy.

No, the REAL problem isn’t these side effects (as bad as they are).

It’s the fact that if you read the fine print, they admit these gab sessions don’t actually “work.”

Not in the sense you’d want them to, anyway.

See, you go these things hoping they cure your problem.

In reality, the problem doesn’t actually “end”.

Instead, the CBT is supposed to improve your own feelings toward it.

By ending your “negative thoughts” the problem will improve and you’ll… well… you’ll still have your problem, at least to some extent.

You’ll just feel better about it.

Isn’t that special?

Yeah, I want a refund already and I’ve never tried it.

Fact is, you’ve ALWAYS got better options over CBT.

If pain’s your thing, especially chronic pain like a back problem, try a topical ointment with capsaicin and menthol. If it’s an ongoing stomach condition, you may need food sensitivity testing. And if it’s a sleep problem, try herbal medicine.

All of these things are cheaper and take effect quicker.

And as the new study shows, they’re a heckuva lot safer, too!

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