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Predict Your Lifespan in Seconds!

It’s being hailed as the NEW vital sign… the one key factor that can not only predict how LONG you’ll live, but how WELL.

It’s the single best way to ensure you not only SURVIVE, but also THRIVE.

Your doc can test for it within seconds, and treat it without drugs.

Yet odds are, he’s not only NEVER checked… he’s NEVER even mentioned it to you.

The secret?

It’s your MUSCLE!

New research reveals that how much muscle you lose – and how much you still have – could be the BIGGEST factor in healthy aging.

The analysis of more than 140 studies finds muscle mass is such a powerful risk factor that docs should treat it like any other vital sign and check it as a matter of routine.

Instead, it’s often ignored and you could suffer big as a result. Because losing your muscle mass means you’re more likely to:

• Be hospitalized
• Experience longer recovery times from illness
• Have extended stays in the hospital
• And suffer serious and potentially deadly complications with surgery.

Even worse, loss of muscle can increase your risk of everything from COPD to osteoporosis to Alzheimer’s.

And ladies, it’ll increase your risk of death from breast cancer, too.

On the flipside, KEEPING and RESTORING that muscle can not only reverse those risks, but it can also help with the three outcomes you care about most.

You can enjoy MORE physical function… a BETTER quality of life… and LONGER survival!

Naturally, even when the mainstream talks up muscle, they give you the usual nonsense about getting plenty of exercise and eating lean protein and “plant” protein.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The kind of muscle loss you face as you get older can’t be fixed by lifting weights. If anything, it’ll make you sore and tired, and expose you to injury to boot.

And “plant” protein is often incomplete, missing out on the vital amino acids you can only get from ANIMAL sources including full-fat milk and fatty cuts of quality meat.

Even that may not be enough, so don’t forget the muscle-boosting basics: creatine, taurine and betaine.

Avoid the big tubs of creatine and God-knows-what-else aimed at the freaks in the gym and stick to a quality source customized for senior health.

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