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BEAT Depression WITHOUT Drugs

It’s one of those things we “don’t talk about,” especially not the guys and ESPECIALLY if you like to think of yourself as tougher-than-tough.

But depression doesn’t care how tough you are.

It’ll break you just the same – sucking all of the joy out of your days and keeping you up all night.

Don’t worry; I’m not here to make you talk about it.

Talk is cheap!

What you need is action – and in a moment, I’m going to share my plan of attack to beat the blues, lift your mood and bring the joy back into your life.

One new study claims to have the answer, and I’ve got to hand it to them.

At least it’s not a drug!

New research claims that REAL way to beat depression is to put your feet to the street and go for a run.

Supposedly, aerobic exercise can fight off depression as well as or better than mood meds and counselling.

But don’t sign up for that gym membership yet, and if you have a loved one with depression don’t try to drag them along to a Jazzercise class.

It won’t work!

The new study finds you can’t just “sweat to the oldies” for a few minutes and consider yourself cured. You have to join a supervised workout program for 45 minutes a week, three times a week.


Who’s got time for that?!?!

Even if you do have hours to kill, the depression by definition makes it almost impossible to follow the plan.

Some days you can barely get out of bed, much less get moving for 45 minutes of “supervised aerobics.”

So even if it “works” in a study, it’s doomed to fail out in the real world.

But I’ve got a better plan of action… and it doesn’t take 45 minutes at a time, three times a week.

It takes about 2 seconds a day!

I’m talking about curcumin supplements.

This compound found inside the spice turmeric is one of nature’s strongest mood-boosters.

In fact, it’s so powerful that it’s gone head-to-head against antidepressant drugs in studies and matched them every step of the way.

In one trial, 1,000 mg of curcumin was just as effective as the drug Prozac in folks battling MAJOR depression.

You’ll find curcumin available in vitamin shops, health food stores and online.

Along with lifting your mood, it’s also a powerful inflammation-fighter that can chase away everyday aches and pains.

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