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This hip “treatment” could leave you CRIPPLED!

The other day I was sitting on the porch when I noticed my neighbor — a Korean War vet we all call “Major” — walking out to get his mail.
Suddenly, he froze about three steps from his mailbox.
“You OK, Major?” I called out.
“Oh, I’m just fine,” he said with a smile. “I just found a position where absolutely nothing hurts, and I don’t want to change a thing!”
Like a lot of people his age, the Major has been slowed by some wear and tear on his parts, especially painful arthritis in his hips.
If you’re fighting that same battle right alongside the Major, I’ve got a warning for you today — because a new study exposes a serious risk linked to a common treatment for hip pain.
And it’s a whole lot worse than arthritis.
The new research links common steroid shots in the hip to the destruction of bone inside the hip itself.
I’m sure you know someone who’s had these shots, if not in the hip then somewhere else. If you’re battling some wear and tear of your own, you may have even had these shots yourself.
But the new study shows why you might want to try something else — ANYTHING else — instead, because this stuff can destroy your bone!
And it does it in two ways.
First, it can cause bone death. That’s just what it sounds like: Your bone tissue dies, right there in your body.
Overall, between 5 and 9 percent of patients with hip arthritis who DIDN’T get a steroid shot suffered from new occurrences of bone death when docs checked in on them a few months later. But among folks who DID get the shots, it was a whole different story.
Up to 24 percent — or 1 in 4 patients — suffered some degree of bone death.
Think bone death is bad? It is… but in this case, there’s a fate worse than death.
What comes next is when the bone rots right inside your body and crumbles away like a sandcastle.
It’s a condition called bone collapse — and up to 17 percent of folks who got the shots suffered it at the top of femur, right by the hip where those shots go in.
In folks with hip arthritis who DIDN’T get the steroid shots, just 4 percent suffered from collapse.
That’s some seriously bad news.
That’s the kind of damage that leads to a walker or even a wheelchair, so think twice before getting this drug punched into your own hip.
Stick to using safe and proven drug-free treatments whenever you can.
Staying hip to the mainstream’s game,
Jack Harrison

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