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Don’t TOUCH another statin (Until you read this)

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You leave the house, lock the door, take two steps, and stop. “Is the door locked?” you ask yourself.
You know full well that you just locked it… but I bet you turn around, grab the knob, and give it a turn anyway, right?
Yes, the things we do automatically make no darned sense half the time, but at least most of them are harmless.
Your doctor’s “automatic” habits, on the other hand, are anything but harmless – and new research shows how one of the most automatic medical habits of all could be downright dangerous!
That’s when he starts pumping you full of cholesterol-lowering stating drugs after a heart scare.
Maybe you had a heart attack. Maybe you had an angina battle.
Maybe it was any of the number of other conditions that mark acute coronary syndrome, a.k.a. when blood gets cut off from the heart, and it’s starting to choke.
Whatever the reason, whatever your treatment – whether they plan to operate or just hope to manage it with meds – in most cases, docs will start you off with what’s called statin “loading.”
That’s when he gives you those statins like he’s making up for lost time with the hope that the bump in meds will give you a jump in success rate as you dive into treatment.
Well, friend, the new study shows this is one automatic habit he needs to break – because it won’t do zip to cut your heart risk!
In the 30 days after the patients were “loaded,” they had absolutely no bump in survival rates.
Just one set of patients saw a benefit — and that was folks going in for a stenting procedure called percutaneous coronary intervention.
That might sound like a big win for folks about to get one of those — but just a few months ago, researchers discovered that the percutaneous coronary intervention doesn’t do JACK for most patients!
Yeah, the only time the statins matter is when they’re for a procedure you probably shouldn’t be getting.
Two useless treatments in one — what a bargain!
But none of this should come as a big shock.
Docs treat statins as if they’re magical all-purpose heart pills.
They’re like magic in one sense: They’re all smoke and mirrors — with nothing behind them!
And any “benefit” is just an illusion — because even when they “work” for some folks, they can leave behind side effects so severe that you won’t want them.
Muscle pain… sex problems… memory loss… and more.
They can even CAUSE diabetes!
If you’ve got a doc pushing statins, get a second opinion, because there are better, safer, easier and more effective ways to cut your heart risk.

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