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Urgent new warning for a-fib patients

I just saw a commercial for yet another Halloween sequel, coming to a theater near you in just a few weeks.

Let me take a stab at the plot: Michael Myers is back with his butcher’s knife, and a few folks are gonna get sliced.

The endless sequels might be good for some scares on the big screen.

Out in the real world, though, you can get some REAL chills much closer to home.

And if you have atrial fibrillation, you might even find them in your own medicine chest!

New research reveals how a common drug combo — a pair of pills dutifully downed daily by hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting Americans — can be like running into a psychopath on a dark suburban street.

You could end up bleeding to death, just like one of his victims!

The study finds that folks with this irregular heartbeat condition could face an extra risk when they combine their blood thinners with common NSAID painkillers, including the over-the-counter meds found in just about every home in America.

Make no mistake about it — the blood thinners alone are risky enough.

They can cause you to bleed like… well… a stab victim in a cheesy horror movie.

Even a minor nosebleed can lead to a medical emergency, but at least you can SEE those and DO something. The bigger risk with blood thinners is INTERNAL bleeding, especially in the stomach.

You can’t see it there, and you might not feel it, either. By the time you get help, it could be even more serious.

Now, the new study finds that once you pop that painkiller, the bleeding risk climbs even higher.

Since 1 in 8 of all people on blood thinners also pop NSAID drugs, that could add up to hundreds of thousands of atrial fibrillation patients facing this extra-deadly risk.

And it doesn’t stop there.

The study finds ANOTHER risk from this combo that could be even worse.

Atrial fibrillation is notorious for increasing the risk of a stroke. That’s why you’re on those blood thinners in the first place — they’ll supposedly bring that risk down.

Take some NSAIDs with those meds, however, and the risk jumps right back up.

Of course, the mainstream is telling you to lay off the NSAIDs. Can’t argue with that — many people turn to them too often for pain when there are much better options.

But its main goal is to make sure you KEEP taking those blood thinners… and you may not need those, either!

Studies show that 1 in 4 a-fib patients DON’T have a higher risk of stroke and DON’T need the meds as a result.

Talk to your doc. Find out if you’re in the 1 in 4, and maybe you can get off the blood thinners, too.

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