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How to TREAT and BEAT the worst UTIs

It’s one of the most common forms of misery to strike as you get older.

And ladies, it just got a whole lot more miserable.

Hard as it is to believe, urinary tract infections are about to get WORSE!

Yeah, I know. Given the amount of agony they already cause – especially if you’re prone to recurring infections – you probably didn’t think that was possible.

Well, it’s not only POSSIBLE. It’s HAPPENING — and you can thank mainstream medicine for that.

It’s thrown antibiotics at every single infection — and in some cases, given the drugs to women WITHOUT active infections, supposedly to PREVENT them.

As a result, the overuse of the drugs has caused germs to learn to resist them.

The study out of California finds that 6 percent of UTIs are now caused by monstrous little germs that don’t give a hoot about which drugs you use.

They’re not just resistant to one or two of those meds.

They can resist just about EVERY antibiotic!

Yep. Lazy docs drugging everyone who walks in… and REFUSING to recognize the multiple SAFE and PROVEN drug-free options for UTIs… have now caused a whole NEW crisis.

And it could quickly turn into a literal nightmare.

These strains of E. coli have learned to resist cephalosporin antibiotics, one of the workhorses of the pharmacy. These meds have been used for ages to treat everything from earaches to pneumonia to UTIs and more.

Well, they WERE used for everything.

Now, as the new report shows, they could quickly turn USELESS!

You can protect yourself and cut the risk of a “superbug” infection by avoiding drugs when you can and limiting them to ONLY when you TRULY need them.

For UTIs, you can often avoid the need for meds with the help of cranberry.

“Folk remedy? THHHPPPTTT!!!!!”

Don’t trust anyone who says that: Studies show that it’s HIGHLY effective in preventing UTIs and easing the infections when they strike.

But there’s a catch.

A cranberry by itself is about as appetizing as a political speech. The only way to make it palatable is with sugar, so all of the cranberry drinks out there are blended with either sugar water or other juices (a.k.a. fruit sugar).

And sugar can actually FEED those UTI germs!

I’m not suggesting that you try to choke back those nasty cranberries without sugar. Instead, you can get cranberry extract in a capsule.

Studies have shown that about 500 mg a day can help beat back the bugs.

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