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The DIRT on fighting common infections

The mainstream has overused antibiotic drugs to the point where the things don’t even work anymore.

The germs have adapted and adjusted — and as I shared this morning, it’s now entirely possible to get an infection that NO DRUG IN THE WORLD can treat!

So, what’s the mainstream cooking up next?

I can’t help but laugh at this one.


Yes, you read that right – although, technically, it’s clay.

Researchers have found that wrapping an infected body part in certain types of muck can help it heal faster.

Hey, at least it’s not another drug. Gotta give them some credit for that.

And this stuff CAN work under the right circumstances. Once upon a time, it was pretty common to wrap an infection in clay, which has certain compounds that can help draw out toxins.

Then, antibiotics came along, and out went the traditional treatments — including some, like this one, that can really do the trick.

At least in some cases.

Now, with the drugs falling apart, the mainstream is giving time-tested traditional remedies another look.

Everything old is truly new again!

In a series of experiments, scientists found that using clay with iron in it can wipe out some types of infection-causing bacteria.

They found that it’s especially effective against the bacteria that form the nasty microfilms that allow germs to thrive, grow, and spread. Most importantly, they found that it can work against some of the superbugs that resist common meds.

Now, obviously, if you have a serious infection, don’t slap some mud on it and call it a day.

And certainly, don’t rub dirt, mud, or clay into an open sore. That’s how you make an infection WORSE, not better!

But if you have a minor infection and can get your hands on some medicinal mud or clay, speak to your doc about giving it a shot. He might play along and let you try it, at least for a day or two.

And then, if it doesn’t work… or the infection gets worse… you can always switch from mud to a med.

If he agrees, get his help in picking the right stuff. You can’t just use the slop from the garden, which can contain a whole new set of germs and a whole new set of problems.

In general, iron-rich bentonite clay – already widely available as a cosmetic treatment – is often considered the best for healing and drawing out toxins.

You can find it in a number of places, but it’s probably easiest to dig around online.

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