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How to be part of the 1% that saves MAJOR cash

When did getting sick get so darned expensive???

Even WITH insurance…even with Medicare… and even with the BEST plan… testing and treatment can clean out your bank account.

Well, friend, I’m here with a money-saving tip that could put hundreds (maybe even THOUSANDS) of bucks back in your wallet.

And it won’t take much time and effort at all.

In fact, these savings could be just a quick phone call away!

New research finds that patients never ever shop around for referred tests and screenings.

If your doc wants an MRI, for example, what do you do? If you’re like most folks, you’ll do it right there at his practice if he has one… at the nearest hospital if it’s convenient… or at an imaging center recommended by the doc.

But here’s the thing: The prices of these and other screenings and tests vary wildly from place to place.

The new study finds that 40 percent of all referred medical procedures could be performed for LESS money… but only 1 percent of all patients shop around and use online price comparison websites.

That’s right – 1 in 100 use price comparison tools available online or call around to get a cheaper rate.

Most go where they’re familiar… and most no doubt assume that the price will be similar, if not the same.

And besides, Medicare will cover most of it.

But let’s look at that example I mentioned earlier. Let’s say you’re referred for an MRI.

It’s not like a visit to a doctor’s office. You’re not on the hook for a flat copay. Under most plans, it’s a percentage. In the case of MRIs, Medicare usually covers 80 percent.

The more it costs, the more you pay – and it can add up FAST.

At the low end of the scale, an MRI costs $500. Medicare’s 80 percent means you’re stuck with a bill for $100.

Already plenty of scratch.

But MRIs only START at about $500, and the price rapidly climbs from there. Depending on where you get it done, it could run $3,500.

That turns your 20 percent into a bill for $700 instead of $100… an extra $600 gone from your wallet.


It’s not just MRIs. Just about everything a doc refers you to – every specialized procedure, scan, screening, or biopsy – can vary widely.

In an emergency, obviously, you don’t have time to shop around. It is what it is, and if you’re alive to pay the bill, you consider yourself lucky.

But in many other cases, you DO have time. Make some calls… go online… check around… and make sure you get the best deal you can find.

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