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Secret ‘side effect’ of gout can be WORSE than toe pain

Pain? You don’t know pain until you’ve been hit with that burning spike in the foot that marks gout.

When that toe flares up, it can feel as if you’ve been impaled by a nail… that’s on fire… and soaked in acid.

Think that’s the worst of it?

I’ve got news for you today, my friend. As bad as it is, it’s gonna get worse – and not just right there in the toe.

New research shows how gout can damage OTHER joints in ways you WON’T notice.

Not right away.

But over time, it can grind away at your knees and hips ’til there’s nothing left, wearing them out completely.

That could lead to another kind of pain: arthritic disintegration that sends you straight to the operating room for a total joint-replacement surgery.

And it all started with a pain in your biggest little piggy!

The new study finds that folks with gout are around 50 percent more likely to end up with a total joint replacement in the knees or hips.

Seems the same nasty urate crystals that stab your toe and leave you doubled over in agony can also end up accumulating around other joints.

It won’t give you that sudden burning pain of gout. Odds are, it’ll feel just like run-of-the-mill arthritis (no picnic, either). But it’s eating away at the joints like battery acid… melting your delicate cartilage into mush… and setting the stage for a date with a surgeon.

Don’t have gout? Don’t rest too easy yet.

It might FEEL like gout springs up out of the blue one unforgettably terrible day.

It doesn’t.

By the time you’re hopping around on one foot, howling like a banshee, you’ve actually had gout for ages.

You just didn’t know it yet.

The study finds that the “pre-clinical” (a.k.a. pre-SCREAMING) state not only leads to uric acid building around your toe… but it ALSO causes extra damage to your knees and hips.

In other words, your knees, hips, and toe could ALL be suffering in silence — and by the time you’re in pain, the damage is already done!

This might seem like an impossible task. You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s there.

But it’s not impossible.

Even if the damage is already done, it’s not too late to turn it around — and I don’t mean by gobbling Big Pharma’s drugs. The new study even proves they’re futile, finding that even when people take the meds, the risk of joint replacement remains the same.

There’s a better option: Vitamin C can chase away uric acid naturally and limit the damage.

If you’ve got gout, a C supplement will be your new best friend.

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