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These popular drugs can RUIN you in the bedroom

It’s the ULTIMATE painkiller… a brief bit of bliss that can make EVERYTHING fade away… if only for a few moments.

But if you rely on opioid drugs for pain relief, you could actually LOSE this all-natural built-in pain-punching power, as new research reveals one of the hidden side effects of these meds.

It’s not the headline-making, society-wrecking, life-ending addiction. It’s not even how they make you so loopy that you can barely mumble your own name.

It’s something else.

They can slam you right where it hurts most — in the bedroom!

Taking opioids could take away your drive to “do it” and rob you of some of your most natural instincts.

Part of it is the pain itself. How can you “do it” if you’re in agony half the time? It puts a damper on things – which is why even without drugs, people with chronic pain are 46 percent more likely to have desire problems.

They’re also 38 percent more likely to be unhappy with their love lives.

Once you dump opioid drugs into the equation, you’re adding fuel to the fire. Well, in this case, I guess you’re taking the fuel OUT of your fire.

Folks with pain who are on opioids have DOUBLE the risk of desire problems and are two-thirds more likely to be unhappy with how things are going in the bedroom.

Even taking the drugs for just a short period of time… just to deal with surgery or an injury… can take the hay out of the old barn. Short-term opioids will increase your risk of poor desire by 82 percent and dissatisfaction by more than a third.

The irony, of course, is that a romp between the sheets releases all-natural endorphins, which deliver that feeling… well, you know… THAT feeling.

But they give you something else, too: Endorphins are natural painkillers proven to ease some of the worst of it, including chronic pain such as headaches.

Sometimes, you don’t need drugs. Just your better half and the right mood.

Naturally, that’s not a cure-all, and it’s not going to give you the all-day relief you’re looking for if you have chronic pain (although it’s certainly a start).

For that, you’ll need a little more help. You won’t get it from opioid drugs, because while they can mask the pain, they don’t do a darned thing about the CAUSE of it.

ALL pain has a cause. If your doc isn’t interested in finding it… if he’s just masking it with meds that ruin the best part of your life… make some changes and find one who can help.

I recommend an experienced naturopathic medical doctor.

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